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A Sliding door saves a lot of space

Do you have limited space but want a beautiful door? Then a sliding door is a suitable alternative. Because a sliding door does not open in a direction, it slides from one way to another. This is a smart way to use in limited spaces. Ideal for small or narrow rooms: think of a narrow hallway or small bathroom.

If you live in the center of a metropole, space is limited. By installing a sliding door in your living room or bedroom, you will create the feeling of a very spacious house. Extend this feeling by painting the walls white. By doing this you will feel as if you live in a mansion of 200 square meters.

Keep the mess out of sight.

A sliding door does not have to serve only to separate spaces in your house. You can also use a sliding door beautifully to screen off things that you do not want to show to certain guests. For example, think about that unsightly TV that you do not want in sight. When it is not in use, simply slide the sliding door in front of it. Even equipment that you would rather not have in sight can be easily concealed with a sliding door.

Serves as a room divider.

A sliding door is useful not only in small rooms but also in large open spaces. With a sliding door, you can divide your loft or open space into cozy rooms in no time. You can choose a door made of dense material, such as a wooden barn door, or an open design. A sliding door with lots of glass lets light through and keeps the openness of your living space intact, while still dividing the room. Apply privacy foil to maintain a form of privacy if necessary while the light still can come through. You see this often in crowded city’s where you want to keep pedestrians outside.

And not only that… It is also a good and cost effective alternative to other constructions like a new supporting wall.

Freedom within hand.

Are you a little handy and inspired by this story? Then of course you can get creative yourself. Think outside the box – your door does not even have to be in the shape of a rectangular door. And do you want to make your sliding door all by yourself? That is easy, check YouTube DIY videos to make it even easier for you! All you need is a hinged door and a sliding system. Which you can easily buy at your local do it yourself store. In contrast to a flush door, a flush door does not have flush edges and thus normally falls into the frame.

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