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Five best materials you can use to build a contemporary carport

Everybody desires to build a durable and quality carport at a pocket-friendly cost with less maintenance. Right? The aim is always to make a structure that will protect your car from harsh weather and unfavorable climatic conditions such as blazing sun and disruptive windstorms while avoiding regular repairs.

Whether it’s detached or attached carport, considering the material to use is essential for you to get a worthy investment that brings value. However, as a homeowner, regardless of the materials you choose, it is salient to note that each material has got its benefits and shortcomings.

That said, in this piece we look at some of the most common materials that you can use to put up your stylish carport, their advantages, and disadvantages.

There are five main materials you can use in the construction of carport and they include wood, metal, concrete, polycarbonate, and plastic.

1. Wood

The positive side of using wood is that in most countries it is readily available, affordable and can be modified to suit your design. For instance, some of the most effective wood is oak. 

The drawback of using woods in construction is that it doesn’t last long as compared to metals such as aluminium and steel since it’s susceptible to decay or destruction by animals but it can protect your vehicle as you prepare to construct a strong carport.

2. Metal

Metal is one of the secure materials that most homeowners are using in making aesthetically beautiful carports. It can be the best option for you and especially if you want to build a freestanding carport because it can withstand harsh weather and cant be damaged easily by animals.

The most common types of metal that you can choose are aluminium, steel and tin. One of the benefits of using steel in the construction of carport is its high strength, malleability that enhances creative designs and shaping more than any other material. Moreover, you can offer these metals for recycling and use them to rebuild other structures.

On the other hand, aluminum and tin are environmentally friendly as they reflect light making them suitable for hot climatic regions.

 3. Concrete and metal

Concrete carports have a long lifespan but they are costly. In most cases, the concrete is used to create the foundation and it is also applied together with the metals to support and strengthen the walls.

 Concrete and metals make one of the strong and aesthetically classic carports. You may need an expert to help you build a carport of concrete.

4. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is resistant to high temperatures and it can also go along with wet regions. The only fault with this durable material is that it is expensive as compared to other alternative materials.

5. Plastic

Plastic can be available everywhere in the world and it’s also an option you can choose for putting up your carport. It is waterproof and resistant to corrosive environments. Although its lifespan is short, it is the most affordable material for many car owners.

To sum it up, there are a variety of materials that you can use to construct a basic carport and protect your vehicle from destructive elements. Whether you live near a beach or in sunny desserts, there is an option for you to build the appropriate carport. However, if you’re not sure what materials can be effective for your carport, it is advisable to look for a professional in carport construction to advise comprehensively about your visionary project.

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