Carport Vs. Garage

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The carport has become increasingly embraced by modern housing designers. While the garage still comes inbuilt with most houses, carports are increasingly being a reliable alternative to homeowners. So what are some of the advantages of carports over garages and why are people embracing it as an alternative? In this piece, we try to evaluate this matter and conclusively deduce where the future lies between the two.



A carport is an extended structure, often detached from the house that primarily protects vehicles from elements such as rain, snow, or heat. It is often open and easily accessible with just a roof and a few support structures on the side.



1. Very easy to construct

This is a typical DIY (Do It Yourself) project. You can easily start and finish the construction with just a few pieces of wood and roofing materials. It also takes a very short time to complete the construction project.

2. It is affordable

Because of the simplicity of the structure, it costs significantly less than its garage counterpart. All you need to do is get the structure material and maybe a helping hand. Depending on how complex you want to make it, it might require professional help.

3. It is mobile and can serve as a patio area

Most carports are so basic you can disassemble them and relocate with them. Also, the ease of their construction makes it simple to assemble it in a new location just as quickly. It can also serve as a patio area whenever you have a party or a barbeque.

4. No need for permits from authorities

Again, because of the simplicity of the structure, no permits are needed for constructing it. This reduces the effective cost as well as the bureaucracy that comes with local authorities.



1. Cannot be used for extra storage or living

Okay, when you need to house a few extra guests you definitely cannot use your carport. It is also not safe for storage of any kind of sensitive equipment that could easily be stolen.

2. The Car is not as secure

The car in itself is not as secure as in an enclosed space such as a garage. Though the car is protected from external elements such as rain, it still gets exposed to other elements such as dust.



This is a house extension, often made with the same design as the house, for car parking purposes.


1. Very secure

Once you shut the door of the garage, you can be quite assured of the security of your vehicle.

2. Can act as extended space

If you have friends over and you need extra space, you can very conveniently use the garage. It can also be used for the storage of other equipment that doesn’t fit within the main house. You can be sure of the extreme safety of everything you will store in the garage.

3. Increases property value

A house with a garage will be more valuable than that without one, or with a carport.


1. Takes longer to build and is more expensive

The garage is a complete housing structure that requires permits, professionals, and long duration to build. This will make it effectively more expensive to construct than a carport.

2. Is dictated by the design of the house

The garage’s design is often dictated by the design of the house. Therefore, any dreamy designs cannot be implemented.

Also, many houses come with inbuilt garages with minimal input from the tenant or home buyer.

There are several cons and pros of either design but one thing stands firm: they serve different markets. If you are in a neighbourhood to stay, then a garage would be better, if you are a ‘nomad’, then a carport would be better. Just weigh your options and choose what is most suitable for you at that moment.

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3 Interior Aspects of a Garden Office

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There are many ways to improve the garden office interior and make it the perfect place where work, reading and business can thrive. Optimal utilization of the garden office is achieved through partitioning the rooms strategically, integrating a garden room kitchen and painting the beautiful colors can transform the garden office into a stunning living place. However, before building the garden office, it is paramount to consult with the designers and request the custom garden home office floor plan. This is essential as when the construction begins, it will be a hassle-free process that will be completed on time and all the interior design expectations are met. Moreover, zoning the garden home office will ensure that the modern garden office has adequate space where work will take place as normal and the garden room kitchen section is also enough for cooking.

Partitioning the Rooms

the office, there also a need for a conducive environment where business
meetings can take place while in other rooms like the kitchen lounge, there
might be noise if entertainment is going on. To curb this, separation with
brick walls can work effectively. Also, for the big garden offices there is
also an option to use pergola dividers, screen dividers and iron curtains. The
iron curtain fences are ideal because they have many style designs that include
utilitarian style, intricate
and elaborate styles. Furthermore, when the wall divides rooms, there will be a boundary that
provides protection in the modern garden office from any possible interference
that might come from the garden room kitchen. It is also a useful tool in
creating a landscaped look.


the interior layout of a kitchen will mostly be guided by the work that the
structure is to be built for. For example, kitchen items like breakfast, foodstuffs,
dishwashers, and cereals will require a place for storage. There will also be a
washing sink for plates, cups, and spoons. From kitchen wall units to the roof
light design everything should be functional. Furthermore, to get a modern
kitchen, one requires designing kitchen cabinets where all the appliances will

to mention, the flooring is supposed to be durable because of regular cleaning
hence the selection quality materials is critical. Ceramic tiles are long lasting,
and cleaning is also easier. The use of hardwood for flooring is also common
and impressive naturally though its maintenance cost is higher. Additionally, the
kitchen should also have a spacious working area with all features to ensure a
seamless experience when preparing food.

Best Colorsin the Garden Office

The painting is done by either using a
roller or spray painting. Choosing the right color to paint the garden office
will promote a serene and inviting environment. There are a variety of choices
when it comes to colors. Painting bright and striking colors like yellow, blue,
red, purple can define the mood when entering the garden office thus affecting
performance of workers. Moreover, painting the garden office interior white is
also a better option as it appeals to many people and enhances a sense of calm.
It can also apply to the furniture and cabinets. It is possible to use color to
show the function of each unit through artistic painting.

An ideal garden office can be achieved
through partitioning it with a brick wall or iron fence is a safe way to maintain
a peaceful environment for work and any other business. Separating the garden
office with the rest of the rooms like the kitchen is a way of creating a
blocking wall that prevents interference from outside activities. The option
for garden colors is endless and it is important to remember using colors that
bring the beauty of aesthetics in the garden home office.

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Garden Room as a Home Spa and a Guest Room

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If you are looking where you can work at home, relax and even pamper yourself, a garden room could be your solution. You can construct a bespoke garden room that suits your specific functions. Having a garden room is a great way to create exceptional space for a spa room, guest room and you can include other rooms for different functions in the garden room.  Whatever you intend to use your garden room for, talk to your designer and make an extension that addresses your needs. Today garden rooms can serve the purpose of a home spa as well as a guest room.

Home Spa

A garden room can be easily converted to a garden room spa where people experience Swedish massage to free muscle knots, relieve work stress, and enjoy themselves without any distractions at the comfort of your home. 

Adding a sauna to your structure building will also enhance a place where one can exercise, keep fit and take a shower in a hot tub and this could be the hydrotherapy that family and friends need after a busy day at work!  A garden room spa will offer a convenient place to enhance body fitness through yoga and unwind. Also, consider installing attractive lighting, a flatscreen television and which will turn the garden room spa not only an exercise room but also a dance studio where you can have morning cardio sessions and destress. 

By investing in a garden room as a garden room spa you will be able to keep your body in shape and beautiful. Also, your year goal could be to lose weight, and a hot spa treatment will be ideal for you since it will unlock skin pores and burn excess calories thus helping in detoxifying your body. 

It will also promote radiant skin nourishing your skin and ensure you glow. This will make you look more youthful and more confident!  As a result, one will get a better sleep as massages will have soothed your body parts and especially head and hands.

Guest Room

Garden guest room provides cozy accommodation and ensuite where the guests spend their quality time enjoying. For instance, relatives or friends pays a courtesy visit to your home during the holiday, you can choose to host them in the garden guestroom but not in your house and impress them as well. Moreover, in such a case where you decide to use some outdoor garden rooms as the bedroom for visitors, it worthwhile to ensure your designer adheres to building control regulations.

Not to mention, the homeowner needsto provide necessary amenitiessuch asgas cooker, shower, and Wi-Fi, among others. Certainly, the guests will require some personal space and as the homeowner, don’t you want your place for clandestine as your routine? Or a room to concentrate on your hobbies? 

However, you may be getting few visitors within the year. As a result, constructing a dual-purpose garden guest house with outdoor rooms that will serve other functions in your home will be cost- effective. 

In conclusion, there are many ways you can use a garden room for including home spa, guest room, home gym among others. Building a garden guestroom is the perfect solution to ensure the visitors and your family continue with their normal business without any worry and will make everyone feel at home.

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Inspirations for a beautiful terrace and rooftops

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 Many homes nowadays are being inspired to have a place where one can feel the presence of nature by accessing natural light and fresh air. Many mansions, commercial houses, and residential houses are trying to gain attention by having terraces where one can feel and enjoy nature. You can also give your customers, employees or guests the same feeling by having either a terrace, a rooftop deck or patio. This can give them a great outside experience affecting their feelings, mood, productivity, and performance. This thirst for having a place where one can feel nature has pushed architects to design and make more rooftops areas to quench bring the natural feeling to many structures. I have come up with about seven inspirations ideas for terraces and rooftops. They can help and motivate you when implementing a terrace or a rooftop for your home or your business.

The first one is a beautiful sand terrace

You can imagine having a restaurant located outside or with a cool dining area and entertaining room with a grand and open environment. You can bring the interior effects to the outside by making a great sitting environment. Don’t miss or ignore any interior setting when sitting outside. You can choose the wood decking to make it attractive. Forget about the expensive carpets, you can bring the beach environment by making your whole floor covered with sand to make a sandpit. Walking on the sand gives you a cool feeling.

The second is to make the place private

Terraces are meant to help one hide from the world to relax and reflect your life when you are alone. With a rooftop terrace, you can create a place where you can hide and relax. You can have solid walls made of wood or walls with eclectic features made of materials that create a private atmosphere. The materials should be mostly the same but it always depends on your choice. A great terrace should have walls with an atmosphere that attracts privacy where you can sit and have a private conversation, relax, have some entertainment and hide from the world.

The third is wide view coverage. 

A terrace and a building should contemporary match. When a terrace is on a rooftop, it should be located in an area where it is not blocked by other buildings and it should have a maximum view and function. There should be a total contrast between the decking lines materials and the furniture materials used to keep it uniform. Sunny terraces need to have a light color which is ideal because it does not heat up making the environment uncomfortable. This way one can enjoy the surroundings and stay there for a long time without getting bored.

The fourth idea is to enhance the view

When one is relaxing he or she keeps looking around. With a great view, you will feel attracted to spent time on the rooftop terrace and view the environment around you. This can be achieved by having natural colors surrounding the terrace. This gives the soft elegant view.

The fifth is to have a design that is closed

A rooftop terrace that is closed with glasses gives a spectacular view. The only problem with this is the greenhouse effect, especially during summer. It works best during winter but you can install coolers.

The sith idea is implementing a shade. 

Shade on a rooftop terrace makes your rooftop look cool and adaptable since you can choose to bask on the sun or hide in the shade when the sun is too hot. The shade should be designed well to make it attracting and unifying the whole environment. The atmosphere also should be organic.

The last idea is the decoration

You can decorate your rooftop terrace by having a small swimming pool, attractive plants and flowers, having some artwork around, using some natural wood or having some pets cages. Installing colorful lights also plays an important role.

Now you are set to go and set your new terrace.

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Types of furniture used for terrace

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Terrace furniture are designed depending on different elements. Some furniture materials are good during wet climate, others on dry climate and others on the warm climate. For each furniture material it has, its own style, maintenance level, strength, durability and performance in a particular climate. For you to choose the best furniture material to use on your terrace you should consider the following factors.


Aluminum is one of the materials used in terraces. It is known for its resistant from rust and moisture as compared to other metals.The powder-coat on it adds more protection from any element which can cause damage.

Benefits of aluminum material

  • Its lightweight makes it easy to move from one point to another.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is the best resistance from rust and moisture damage.
  • It has added protection from the powder-coat on it.
  • It is easy to clean.


Wood is used as furniture material in almost the whole world. But when it comes to outdoor furniture, it has some specific types of woods which are recommended and best to use due to their softness, durability, and degree of weather resistance. The most commonly used are teak or eucalyptus and hardwoods such as cedar and pine.

Benefits of wood furniture

  • Some woods like cedar and acacia have natural weather resistance.
  • Teak and eucalyptus are easy to maintain and can last long if are well cared for.
  • Teak and oak wood are moisture resistant.


Recycled plastic is a material which is used for terrace furniture’s. In style and performance, it is ranked as one of the topmost used materials. It is known for its firmness, durability, resistance to moisture, cracking, rust and fading. Plastic furniture is mostly recommended where movement is much experienced from time to time.

Benefits of recycled plastic

  • It is easy to clean.
  • It has natural resistance to moisture and fading.
  • They are cheap to install hence does not require painting.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • Plastic furniture is lightweight.
  • Plastic furniture is much comfortable.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is the type of material used mostly in a windy environment since iron is heavy and wind-resistant. It has different designs, colors, and styles that one can use. It is not recommended to use an iron for your furniture if you will be moving from time to time due to its heaviness. Iron furniture can be made in two ways: welded and bolted.

Benefits of wrought iron

  • Its heaviness makes it firm and stable with no threat against any strong wind.
  • It has a powder-coated which further protects it from moisture.
  • It is easy to install.


Mosaic is a type of furniture material that uses tiles, marbles or other natural material. It is heavy and has a beautiful look with different colors and designs to fit the outdoor living as well as dinning. As compared to other furniture materials, the mosaic requires a high level of care for it to extend its lifespan.

Benefits of mosaic

  • It creates lovely pieces of art to the environment.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • Mosaic can last for long if well kept and maintained.

Cushion fabrics

Cushion is a new way to make furniture for the new look of terraces. It is quite a bit expensive. when choosing cushion fabric, you need to look for an outdoor design that is resistant to the moisture and stains. Cushion fabrics are not easy to maintain and cannot last for long if it is not handled with care.

Benefit of cushion fabrics

  • It is much comfortable.
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Factors to consider before constructing terraces for your house

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Having a green terrace around houses is the dream of many, but do you know the work that is involved in setting up that cool roof terrace? I know maybe you have heard it more than once that a good thing comes at a cost! Whether it’s a commercial apartment or residential flats, designing a spacious terrace demands a thorough plan and preparedness. This is because you may require professional assistance to help you plan, choose a suitable location where to build, assemble the construction materials, plant those green roses, initiate the construction of the terrace and of course install the roof. 

Imagine that is the summary of the scope of work that will lead you to get an exterior outdoor haven for your family, a place where you can throw parties as you relax and enjoy your Chardonnay. 

In this post, I am walking you through some of the key factors you should consider before you create that modern terrace you’ve been thinking about.  

1.   The size and designs; The size of your terrace will be majorly determined by the purpose you want it to serve. For example, for the family gathering, a maximum size of 2 meters by 4 meters can be enough. Though, if you want a big terrace to host extraordinary big parties, you will need to go for a bigger size. The rectangular designs are most popular in almost every country; nevertheless, you can create a new design for your house if you want a unique decoration. Each design reflects a certain terrace style and can be contemporary, country, colonial, traditional and beach.  

2.   Type of terrace; It is worthy to note that before starting the process of construction, selecting the type of terrace that fits your location as well as considering the climate of your region and source of electricity is important.

There are normally 3 types of a terrace and they include:

Open; The open type of terrace is ideal for regions that regularly experience summer climate. They make aesthetics beautiful and especially for houses that are near ponds and coniferous forests. Not only do they create a magnificent place where you can enjoy a barbecue with your colleagues but also they allow cold but gentle breeze during the hot summer. 

Closed; The construction of closed terraces involves the use of concrete, walls, and roof hence making them very safe for winter countries. The selection of appropriate materials such as insulated metals, bricks, and polycarbonate is determined by the quality you want and your convenient budget. 

Glazed; The glazed terrace provides the creation of a protected environment where you can relax as a couple, workmates and even with your family. Planting flowers around makes it a convenient outdoor place to spend quality time in nature. Depending on what you want to use the terrace for, there are 3 types of glaze terrace that you can adopt in building and they include; frame and frameless, panoramic and wall. 

3. Location of the terrace;

A well-built terrace will protect you from excess sunlight, snow and cold weather and strong winds. This affects the location and the direction that your terrace will face. However, you’ve several options that you can install behind your house, attach it along the house wall and even along with the windows.

4. Materials;

There is a wide variety of materials that you can choose in building your terrace extension. Nonetheless, you will have to first consider the objective of your structure since it will determine the material to use. Additionally, if you’re an exquisite design worshipper, your style may be captured by a specific material. That said, regardless of the material chosen, the terrace should serve its designed purpose. 

There are different types of materials that you use in installing your terrace exterior. For example, there’s natural wood, glass, transparent plastic, polycarbonate, PVC, bricks, metals as well as sheets. 

Tools are key necessities in the construction process and should also be accounted for during each particular phase of construction. For any construction tools, van adrighem is the comprehensive supplier.

As I wrap up, remember, it may look an easy task before you start the construction, however, you will need to be strategic and decide the purpose for your terrace from the onset.

So you do still want to build your terrace? It’s your turn now! 

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Three types of awnings that you can install at your palatial home

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 All of us need some comfort while relaxing at home regardless of the weather and climatic condition of our home. To get this sturdiness, what is finer than investing in the installation of awnings around your windows, deck or patio?

Incorporating awnings around your building is one of the cool methodologies to protect yourself from cold and hot seasons, excessive specks of dust and rains.

 So what are awnings?

Awnings are permanent or temporary shades that are installed over the deck to protect your house from adverse weather conditions and also make your house patio and enjoyable place to reside. If you dress heavy clothes during the winter to protect yourself from the colds, what about the place that you call home? Are you not supposed to make it more awesome to stay? 

It is one of the resources that help in keeping your home strong and ensure you stand the test of the time. 

There are three types of awnings and they come in different colors, sizes, shapes and depending on your taste and plan, you can install the design that suits your needs.

 1. Retractable awnings

A retractable awning covers the deck protecting you from excessive sun, rain showers and allows you to roll up and fold it when the weather changes. Due to their flexibility, they can be used anytime depending on the prevailing weather/climatic conditions. 

While during the time of snow, they are very helpful in keeping you safe at the comfort of your house, and when the sunny days’ storms they provide the requisite shelter at the hour of need thus maintaining your safety.  

 2. Portable awnings

These are mobile awnings that are transported and used at the time of convenience around your patio or deck. With portable awnings, you don’t have to worry where the sun is hotter, even during the season of snow you can move your awnings and adapt accordingly. 

There are three types of portable awnings and they include; canopy, freestanding and umbrella awnings. 

a. Canopy:

Canopy is a structure made from fabric or metal materials. Some canopy tends to be made like a tent. Canopies are either attached to a building or can also be mounted on the ground by the support of posts.   

 b. Freestanding: 

A freestanding awning refers to the protective shades that are integrated to patios or decks for homes and businesses. They come in different designs that can accommodate spacious outdoor residences.

 c. Umbrella awnings: 

Umbrella awnings are perfect for both home and also commercial use. If you’re looking for a shade to protect you from sun UV rays then umbrella awnings could be the thing for you. They’re easy to maintain and you can use them when you’ve visitors and offer an environment that is free from hazardous weather.

You can even strengthen your umbrella awnings by attaching the poles that support the fabric with concrete. 

 One advantage of umbrella awnings is that they can cover a large space and if you use quality material, the maintenance cost is less. 

3. Window Awnings 

Some house windows allow sunlight to penetrate directly to rooms. This is disturbing especially when you want to rest or even enjoy your dinner with fellow gang members. If you have been experiencing this in your home then window awnings are the ideal solutions that will protect you from excess sunlight, rain, snow or any other disturbing elements. Did I mention your furniture will last longer and won’t fade away easily?

Window awnings are designed specifically to suit your window or door size and come in either stationary, retractable and motorized varieties. However, window awnings can be installed as a form of adding decorations in your house.

Where to start before deciding the type of awnings to install? 

Before choosing the best type of awnings to install in your house, you will first need to consider and analyze your needs. For example, you might look at the climate of your region, durability, cost, and adaptability of the awnings. 

You are still following? Having read this article, now I believe you can purchase the best solution for your house! 

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Choosing Awning materials

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Having beautiful awning with great art depends on the type of awning materials you choose. The better the material, the more years it will last. If you want to regret for the rest of your life, choose poor quality and improper awning materials. To avoid this, you need to identify the best awning materials that match your project.

There are numerous choices that you can do with canopies and awnings; they give your exterior a completely new look or a facelift, they can even tell the neighbors which business you do and how smart you are, it makes you outstanding from the rest of your neighbors, they can cool your restaurant, attract customers and protect them from the sun and rain. However, all of these depend on the best types of materials.

How do you find the best type of awning materials? 

The first best way to find out the best materials is to do your homework. The world has become a global village and we are now interconnected with the internet such that every information you want, you can get it right at your hand. Awning materials information is available on YouTube and Pinterest. These platforms can help you with insights to choose an eye-catching material. You can even search for reliable companies near you and see the one with the best reviews.

Awning materials tips

  • Most awnings are installed permanently which can be a tough job to select the best material since materials need to withstand harsh weather like sun rays, snow, rain, and high humidity during summertime. Strong wind can also tear them apart if they are of inferior quality. That means you need to check if your material is durable and strong.
  • Choose awning fabric that you can print easily digitally. This will help you avoid monochrome, hence you can print what you feel matches your theme. You can also create your art, select the best image or design and make your awning look unique. It’s worth noting that some awning materials are not digitally printable, and you need to do your research to get the best printable awning materials.
  • One main use of awning is UV protection. During summer, the sun rays are very intensive therefore, the elderly and children need protection from the sun. Fortunately, many of the awning materials have total protection from the heat and harmful sun rays. Their main role is to provide shade and protect sun rays from entering through the window. In bars and restaurants, they extend the service area and give shades to customers which helps to attract more customers.
  • Select many dimensions of designs. You can choose different sizes and shapes to come up with a unique structure and also research on 3D designs that you can make. Examples can be designing a sailing dhow, flower or something unique and fun.
  • There is also the option of using metal to make good awning and canopies. If they are made of aluminum, they can be very strong and lightweight. Where one needs to install awnings with more visibility or which can withstand harsh weather conditions, aluminum metal awnings work best. They also give an eye-catching look.

The choice of the materials depends on one’s preferences and this influences the choice of the best awning materials. Awnings have a different array of colors that one can choose from. These can help you choose the best and comfortable textures. You can choose a vintage or old-fashioned theme. The best tip is to choose what best suits your needs. Remember you can even watch youtube tutorials or vloggers to come up with the best choice. Don’t forget to do your homework. 

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Five best materials you can use to build a contemporary carport

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Everybody desires to build a durable and quality carport at a pocket-friendly cost with less maintenance. Right? The aim is always to make a structure that will protect your car from harsh weather and unfavorable climatic conditions such as blazing sun and disruptive windstorms while avoiding regular repairs.

Whether it’s detached or attached carport, considering the material to use is essential for you to get a worthy investment that brings value. However, as a homeowner, regardless of the materials you choose, it is salient to note that each material has got its benefits and shortcomings.

That said, in this piece we look at some of the most common materials that you can use to put up your stylish carport, their advantages, and disadvantages.

There are five main materials you can use in the construction of carport and they include wood, metal, concrete, polycarbonate, and plastic.

1. Wood

The positive side of using wood is that in most countries it is readily available, affordable and can be modified to suit your design. For instance, some of the most effective wood is oak. 

The drawback of using woods in construction is that it doesn’t last long as compared to metals such as aluminium and steel since it’s susceptible to decay or destruction by animals but it can protect your vehicle as you prepare to construct a strong carport.

2. Metal

Metal is one of the secure materials that most homeowners are using in making aesthetically beautiful carports. It can be the best option for you and especially if you want to build a freestanding carport because it can withstand harsh weather and cant be damaged easily by animals.

The most common types of metal that you can choose are aluminium, steel and tin. One of the benefits of using steel in the construction of carport is its high strength, malleability that enhances creative designs and shaping more than any other material. Moreover, you can offer these metals for recycling and use them to rebuild other structures.

On the other hand, aluminum and tin are environmentally friendly as they reflect light making them suitable for hot climatic regions.

 3. Concrete and metal

Concrete carports have a long lifespan but they are costly. In most cases, the concrete is used to create the foundation and it is also applied together with the metals to support and strengthen the walls.

 Concrete and metals make one of the strong and aesthetically classic carports. You may need an expert to help you build a carport of concrete.

4. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is resistant to high temperatures and it can also go along with wet regions. The only fault with this durable material is that it is expensive as compared to other alternative materials.

5. Plastic

Plastic can be available everywhere in the world and it’s also an option you can choose for putting up your carport. It is waterproof and resistant to corrosive environments. Although its lifespan is short, it is the most affordable material for many car owners.

To sum it up, there are a variety of materials that you can use to construct a basic carport and protect your vehicle from destructive elements. Whether you live near a beach or in sunny desserts, there is an option for you to build the appropriate carport. However, if you’re not sure what materials can be effective for your carport, it is advisable to look for a professional in carport construction to advise comprehensively about your visionary project.

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Ceiling boards

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Ceiling board is the interior surface that covers the top limits part of a room. It is not considered as a structural element but as the finished surface of the room. It is placed underside of the main roof structure of the room to enable the architects to maintain the look of the room. They usually have different sizes which allow the areas to be covered with minimal joints.

Ceiling board materials

Wood: Wood is one of the most commonly used ceiling building materials for both interior and exterior because it looks natural and classic as compared to other ceiling boards. It can be decorated using as many different molding as possible.

Plaster: Plaster is one of the most popular ceiling building materials used around the whole world. It has been used for centuries because it has a smooth, hard and attractive surface that is decorated easily.

Metal: Metals are often used for ceiling layouts. Metals are best used for supporting plaster ceiling structures.

Types of ceiling boards

Gypsum Ceiling boards: It is made from gypsum sheets, tiles, and even boards. Its material is available in large sizes and it’s always economical, tough a, and versatile. It can be decorated with the use of paints, laminates, and wallpapers.

Advantages of the Gypsum ceiling

  • It has different shapes and designs hence make it highly flexible for use in all shapes of the room.
  • It is excellent in fire-resistive.
  • It can control the unwanted sound transmission which can enter to a room depending on the design.
  • It is durable and stable since its surface is easy to decorate and maintain.
  • It is always available and easy to use in your room.
  • It is cheap.

Disadvantages of the Gypsum ceiling

  • It cannot be recycled once it has expired or used.
  • It is not easy to mold different forms.

Wooden ceiling boards: Wooden ceiling board is one the best used in different homes and offices across the world due to its natural beauty and appearance. It is well known for its flexibility to come up with different patterns as much as possible to make your ceiling more attractive and interesting.

Advantages of wooden ceiling boards

  • It is easy to install since it has a wooden panel which can be joined together with different standards of commercial false ceiling systems
  • It can act as a thermal insulator since wood is a natural insulator that can reduce the amount of heat entering the room.
  • Wooden ceiling can be easily recycled.
  • It contains many different designs that bring warmth and elegance.
  • It can increase its lifespan if it is well treated.

Disadvantages of wooden ceiling boards

  • It is hard to maintain because of unexpected damages that might occur in the room.
  • It requires thermal control to minimize the level of humility.
  • It is expensive.

Plaster ceiling boards: It is one of the most commonly used ceiling in many houses and offices across the world.

Advantages of Plaster ceiling boards

  • It is attractive and long-lasting.
  • It has a smooth surface that can be molded into different shapes.
  • It is possible to paint its surface to match your inner style of the room.

Disadvantages of plaster ceiling boards

  • It can be easily damaged by insects.
  • It cracks so easily.

Metal ceiling boards: This is the type of ceiling that most people like it because of its durability and shine material which is used. The shine material enhances the beauty of the interior of the room. It is mostly used in non-residential houses like hospitals, shopping malls, airports, and offices.

Advantages of metal ceiling

  • The metal ceiling is easy to clean.
  • They are strong hence do not experience cracking or warping over time.
  • They can absorb or redirect sound which may create an echo chamber.
  • It is fire-resistant.

Disadvantage of metal ceiling

  • It is very expensive to buy and maintenance against corrosion.
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