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Three types of awnings that you can install at your palatial home

 All of us need some comfort while relaxing at home regardless of the weather and climatic condition of our home. To get this sturdiness, what is finer than investing in the installation of awnings around your windows, deck or patio?

Incorporating awnings around your building is one of the cool methodologies to protect yourself from cold and hot seasons, excessive specks of dust and rains.

 So what are awnings?

Awnings are permanent or temporary shades that are installed over the deck to protect your house from adverse weather conditions and also make your house patio and enjoyable place to reside. If you dress heavy clothes during the winter to protect yourself from the colds, what about the place that you call home? Are you not supposed to make it more awesome to stay? 

It is one of the resources that help in keeping your home strong and ensure you stand the test of the time. 

There are three types of awnings and they come in different colors, sizes, shapes and depending on your taste and plan, you can install the design that suits your needs.

 1. Retractable awnings

A retractable awning covers the deck protecting you from excessive sun, rain showers and allows you to roll up and fold it when the weather changes. Due to their flexibility, they can be used anytime depending on the prevailing weather/climatic conditions. 

While during the time of snow, they are very helpful in keeping you safe at the comfort of your house, and when the sunny days’ storms they provide the requisite shelter at the hour of need thus maintaining your safety.  

 2. Portable awnings

These are mobile awnings that are transported and used at the time of convenience around your patio or deck. With portable awnings, you don’t have to worry where the sun is hotter, even during the season of snow you can move your awnings and adapt accordingly. 

There are three types of portable awnings and they include; canopy, freestanding and umbrella awnings. 

a. Canopy:

Canopy is a structure made from fabric or metal materials. Some canopy tends to be made like a tent. Canopies are either attached to a building or can also be mounted on the ground by the support of posts.   

 b. Freestanding: 

A freestanding awning refers to the protective shades that are integrated to patios or decks for homes and businesses. They come in different designs that can accommodate spacious outdoor residences.

 c. Umbrella awnings: 

Umbrella awnings are perfect for both home and also commercial use. If you’re looking for a shade to protect you from sun UV rays then umbrella awnings could be the thing for you. They’re easy to maintain and you can use them when you’ve visitors and offer an environment that is free from hazardous weather.

You can even strengthen your umbrella awnings by attaching the poles that support the fabric with concrete. 

 One advantage of umbrella awnings is that they can cover a large space and if you use quality material, the maintenance cost is less. 

3. Window Awnings 

Some house windows allow sunlight to penetrate directly to rooms. This is disturbing especially when you want to rest or even enjoy your dinner with fellow gang members. If you have been experiencing this in your home then window awnings are the ideal solutions that will protect you from excess sunlight, rain, snow or any other disturbing elements. Did I mention your furniture will last longer and won’t fade away easily?

Window awnings are designed specifically to suit your window or door size and come in either stationary, retractable and motorized varieties. However, window awnings can be installed as a form of adding decorations in your house.

Where to start before deciding the type of awnings to install? 

Before choosing the best type of awnings to install in your house, you will first need to consider and analyze your needs. For example, you might look at the climate of your region, durability, cost, and adaptability of the awnings. 

You are still following? Having read this article, now I believe you can purchase the best solution for your house! 

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