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We all love having a fancy conservatory extending from our houses. There are a few things we must look out for if our conservatories are to make any sense. Otherwise, you might end up constructing a conservative that is substandard, or worse, one that you will have to take down after a few weeks. Here are a few things you must critically look out for when building a conservatory

  1. Having an off design

There is always a risk of a new conservatory looking totally unsympathetic with the house. To avoid this, be very choosy with the design and select features that blend with the style of your home. Also, ensure you get an expert opinion on the nature of your home and how the conservatory will affect it.

  1. Having planning assumptions

Do not ever assume you know the intricacies of planning and regulations for conservatory construction. I bet it would just not have been worth the risk of you have to tear down your conservatory because of some regulation you might have overlooked. Find out from your local authority as well as other experts what you need to do to successfully construct a conservatory in that area. For instance, factors such as whether your home is listed, the size of the conservatory you seek to construct and the distance from a neighboring property will greatly affect whether planning is required. Always get advice from experienced companies that can break down for you all the intricacies.

  1. Rushing through the entire process

Do enough research on what is on offer in the garden building market. making a quick decision for something financially intensive as conservatory construction could as well be a very fast route to ultimate disappointment. Shortlist several conservatory firms, have a personal interaction with them and request to be allowed to consult with their existing customers for a reference. It is also vital to visit one of their sites to check the workmanship in person. Then, also find out all miscellaneous services you might require by researching what is on offer for other services such as insurance, guarantees, and customer service support before finally making a choice.

  1. Consider your furniture

It may seem wise to compromise on the size of your new conservatory if you are on a tight budget. However, wishing once it is built that you would have included an extra half a meter, especially if your furniture does not fit, is super frustrating. If you have large pieces of furniture, they need to stand against a strong wall, so as you design be sure to include enough wall space in your design for the sake of your favorite bookshelf or your very heavy sofa set.

  1. Ignoring the future maintenance

Any construction usually requires a degree of maintenance. To minimize the costs and frequency of maintenance, use aluminum alternatives for most of the construction such as gutters (avoid plastic), and use aluminum for your roofing. Use hardwood for any wooden areas of the construction and ensure you check and confirm the manufacturer warranties and guarantees.

  1. Ignoring the landscape

You will often need an area to be cleared for the groundwork of your building during and before construction. Eventually, you will not want the space around your conservatory to remain a wasteland once the construction is done. So, plan the landscaping in advance and aim to create a seamless link between your conservatory and the outdoors or garden.

There you have it, take time to ensure that as you go down the conservatory road, you have carefully checked everything you need to, and your checklist is done and dusted.

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