What to consider when buying a house

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We all have different priorities when buying a house. The process of buying a house can be complex and can take time. Many people get tired and end up getting off track easily. The first helpful way to make sure you don’t get off track having written priorities. This will help you not forget some of the most important features. Also, these features will help you compare homes and eliminate those that will not work for you. In this article, I will highlight 10 things you need to consider when buying a new house. These things vary differently according to the importance of the individual homeowner. This is your golden opportunity to have a thought on these factors.


Everyone wants a home where he can easily access frequent places like schools, work, shopping, churches, recreations, family, and friends. No one wants a place where there will be a lot of traffic. Checking on these things will help you find a friendly neighborhood. Also, note down if you prefer living far from entry or near entry where there is traffic. Many people consider having a home where there are recreational areas, a park, or a pool. Always have preferences while searching for a home.

The lot size

The lot that the home sits on is very important and some ignore it. Most neighborhoods have similar lots. You should have in mind whether you like small or large lots. A lot can also be at the corner or interior. Others come in different shapes such as square, rectangular and irregular shapes. It is always good to consider your new home lot because of your privacy.


No one wants to avoid having visitors because they don’t have enough bedrooms where the visitors can rest. Each family has a desirable number of bedrooms. This preference depends on whether you prefer your family members sharing a bedroom. It is always good to have a bedroom designated for guests.


Bathrooms are important because of the privacy of your teens, guests, and family members. Two or more bathrooms are better for a new home because they will save you embarrassment. Remember the size and also the style of the bathroom is very important. Also, a bathroom that can be remodeled is recommended.


The kitchen layout is also a main consideration since it is the heart of the home. Many guests like hanging out in the kitchen when they visit. Also, a kitchen says all about you. A kitchen with more space is comfortable. The size and layout are also to be considered all time. The kitchen should match your family’s idea of cooking. A modest kitchen is advisable when you are searching for a new house.

Home appliances

Moving to a home with old fashioned home appliances can give you a headache since there is nothing expensive than replacing them. You must counter check the age and condition of each appliance before moving in.

You can even consider removing some if you will not be using them.

The age of the house

You should consider buying a new home or acquiring an old one. This will depend on your requirements and your pocket. Remember older homes may require renovations which might be expensive. Some older homes are considered to be classic by some buyers hence very marketable.


This is the elephant in the room. Some houses are price is overrated and unless you are a billionaire who has nowhere to take his money, these houses can be worthless. When buying a home think of how the price will affect all your finances.

Sellers motivation

Always find a seller who has a positive incentive to sell a house and who has motivation. You will find sellers who don’t care if their houses in the market will sell or not. Find a seller who has experience and who will guide you.

Maintenance process

If you are planning to construct a new home then this is not for you. When moving to a used home? There are maintenance risks that you should put into consideration. You should have a guide on how to maintain an old home before you move in.

The key thing when moving to a new home is staying true to your priorities. This way you will find the right home. You need to put a lot of time, thoughts, and effort when searching for a new house.

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Main Considerations when adding a conservatory

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In modern home renovation additions, a conservatory probably tops the list as the most desired addition. It is one of the oldest home additions dating back to the 17th century. The idea was started by scientists not as a home addition idea, but as a protection of endangered plant species that could not withstand Europe’s cold climate.

The conservatory idea has evolved since then and today we use it to make use of extra space in our homes. They are flexible since they can be used as a kitchen, dining room TV lounge, or even playroom for kids. You need to come up with the best images to utilize this space. Also, you need to consider multiple factors before you add a conservatory. Some of them include,


Cost is probably the first thing that should come to your mind when planning to add a conservatory to your home. Different types of conservatory vary in terms of budgets. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right one. The cost of having a new conservatory extension depends on different factors such as roof type, size of the conservatory, glass type, doors(that is number and types), and finish type. The cost of adding a new conservatory can vary depending on those factors among others.


When adding a conservatory to your home, you have to decide what the conservatory is for!. When you decide the purpose of the conservatory, it is easier to design and implement it accordingly. You need to decide if it will be used as an office which has a nice garden view, playroom for kids or perhaps a dining room that is natural.

When you determine the usage of your conservatory, it will be easier also to determine, the style, size, finish, and layout of the conservatory. For example, if you are going to use your conservatory as a dining area, you need to have an extra door connecting the conservatory and the kitchen. But, if your conservatory will just be used as a relaxing area, you just need one door.


Materials are very important since they determine how long your conservatory will last. This is an important consideration since it will affect the visuals, aesthetics and also determine the practicality of the area. Materials also help in determining the cost of the conservatory hence help in budgeting because they play a major role in impacting the cost. Conservatory made of wood or mostly hardwood tends to be more expensive than the one made from PVCU. The best thing about using PVCU is that it is easier to maintain when you compare them to wooden conservatories.

The size of the conservatory

How a large extent you intend to use your conservatory depends on size. If you just need a conservatory for a resting or relaxing space, then you don’t need a very big space. On the other hand, the size will increase naturally if you intend to use the conservatory as a dining area, living room, or kids playground.

Also, you need to determine how much garden you are willing to sacrifice to add your house conservatory. Remember the conservatory is an extension of your house and it needs to blend and match with the house.

Type of Glazing

Due to changes in seasons, Conservatories tend to be cold during winters and hot in summers and this will help you in considering the best type of conservatory that you need. Normal glass can cause an increase in temperatures, especially during summer. This means you need to use performance glass which will control the heat. Also, you should consider cleaning and maintaining the glass.

Legal Permission

You need to research if the law already gives automatic permission to add a conservatory to your house. Most conservatories are already permitted as long as you meet certain rules and regulations.

A conservatory makes your house more attractive and gives you an opportunity to have plantations indoors. It adds a flavor to your decor. It gives a more relaxing and comfortable environment where you can enjoy indoor nature peacefully.

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Home Office Ideas That Will Boost Productivity

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During these times of lockdowns and pandemics, Working from home seems to be the new norm. When working from home one needs a dedicated workspace that will make you feel productive and comfortable with your work. This means keeping off from the normal household distractions. You need an office that is away from TVs, snacks and children noise.

Here are some of the office ideas that will inspire you?

A minimalist home office workspace is one of the best ideas if you don’t have enough space to make a fancy office. Its decoration aligns with the rest of the room decor. You just set aside a corner of the room as office space. It has a minimalist feel especially if it has a white color scheme. A color is good since it is used to increase the length of your room according to interior designers.

Space-saving study is second home office idea. You just need a hanging flat wood mounted on a shelf or a wall and a simple chair. The flat wood can swing creating a drop-front desk that you can close when you don’t need it creating more space.

Clean and bright is a third office idea you can implement. It is a bright office. It takes advantage of natural light streaming into your best corner unit making it look attractive. It resembles a guest room. The tables and chairs are at a low level.

A fresh and clean is fourth office interior idea where all the space is painted white with enough colors. This is a more advanced office and you need to dig deeper in your pocket to have it.

Sleek and unique is fifth office idea from an architect Charles Gwathmey. One unique thing is that it requires a lot of space, it has swivel chairs, and a great ceiling fan. It also has a rainbow display of one’s favorite books.

Midcentury-modern motivations office. This is a bit modern office. It is more decorated with golden Moroccan kilim and Navajo rug making it very attractive. This idea also needs you to have a budget and space.

Dallas Home office is one of the designs from Sarah and H. Ross Perot Jr.’s of Dallas Penthouse. The pocket doors and African teak cabinets which were inspired by Sarah’s study.

Pops of color office idea is an office design that has a mixture of bright green and gold. It has a vintage leather and brass accent and also a silk rug.

Another cheerful design is Sunny work Space inspired by Alexandra von Furstenberg. It has a lot of sharp angles and it maintains a lot of fun.

There are many more of these designs ideas and you can see more and their photos at https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/home-offices-slideshow

What to consider when setting up your home office.

First, you need to identify your needs. This will depend on the type of work you do. You might require a small desk or a large desk depending on the size of work you will be doing.

You need to choose a dedicated area. You need an area that has minimal distractions. Also, you need to establish if the office will be shared or not.

The light is also another main consideration. Consider having a warm light. This will not make you seem in a dull place especially when having virtual calls.

You need to have a dedicated phone. This will help you handle your business professionally without mixing personal life with business calls.

Have a place sets aside for gadgets. Don’t all your gadgets scattered all the places. Let your office be organized in a such way you know which gadgets are placed where.

Others include separating the business from professional and have a way to manage your time.

Office space is essential nowadays and everyone needs one especially if you are running a company or you holds a special position in your company.

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What You Need To Know About Accent Walls

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Considering to decor your home with an accent wall should be in your mind to take your interior decor to another level. They are simple to design and also they look great. They adapt to every furniture style and you can customize them very easily. In this blog, I will take you through what is an accent wall, how to choose the best one, and what are the best accent walls ideas out there.

What is an accent wall?

An accent wall is an exterior or interior that has different color, design, pattern, or shades that resembles materials from other walls of your house. They give excellent visual attention and they are the focal point of the room. Many people like them because they can be used in any room whether it is family rooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, and much more.

Don’t think Accent walls are outdated.

These wall decor types are still fashionable in the decorating industry and they are not disappearing any time soon. This is because they are easy to customize. It doesn’t matter if they look different from the past because the original principle remains. For your accent walls to look fresh you need to do a benchmark from popular house decor trends and incorporate these ideas into your accent decor.

How do you choose an accent wall?

When one is trying to do a new decor, the headache always is where do I start. There are no hard and fast rules that you need to abide by although there are a few things you should always keep in your mind.

  1. The room natural focal point.

This means you need to consider where your eyes always fall naturally in your room. In some cases, this depends on the architecture of your room. A built-in shelf or fireplace can be your favorite focal point. Also, furniture arrangements can influence your focal point. The focal point is the main consideration while choosing an accent wall.

  • The second Consideration is Room Dimensions.

This will determine how your accent wall will look. Choose the best part to place your accent wall so that the room can have a balanced shape and make it feel more square.

  • The Function of the room

This is the key idea when decorating a room. You need to plan how the room will be used and how it will adapt to future functions. Accent walls work best for rooms that are meant for multiple functions.

  • Furniture arrangements are another great consideration.

Some furniture like beds serves as a focal point of the room and you need to consider them when setting accent walls.

  • Architectural Details is another main consideration.

Consider you want to have a large picture on the wall. This means you need to consider accent colors which can distract your image, and also your natural light can alter how your painting will look.

Favorite Accent wall ideas.

There are different favorite accent wall ideas you may consider. My favorite ones are painted accent walls, material accent walls, the wood panel accent wall, statement piece accent wall, galley accent wall, mirrored accent wall, and Mural accent walls.

Accent wall colors may also come in different ideas like the soft-hue accent wall, the dark-colored accent wall, and boldly- colored accent wall.

What are the Accent walls for every room?

Different rooms have different opportunities while setting up an accent wall. Living rooms have accent walls that involve segmenting the space. Bedroom accent walls work bests with the wall behind the headboard. A kitchen accent wall is attractive when you bring in some texture from the rustic wood wall. The dining room accent wall needs balancing of color and texture.

This brings us to the conclusion that Accent wall is not outdated and they are easy to make. Accent walls give a splash of bold colors making you feel comfortable when you are in a room painted with different colors.

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Want to build a conservatory? Read this:

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We all love having a fancy conservatory extending from our houses. There are a few things we must look out for if our conservatories are to make any sense. Otherwise, you might end up constructing a conservative that is substandard, or worse, one that you will have to take down after a few weeks. Here are a few things you must critically look out for when building a conservatory

  1. Having an off design

There is always a risk of a new conservatory looking totally unsympathetic with the house. To avoid this, be very choosy with the design and select features that blend with the style of your home. Also, ensure you get an expert opinion on the nature of your home and how the conservatory will affect it.

  1. Having planning assumptions

Do not ever assume you know the intricacies of planning and regulations for conservatory construction. I bet it would just not have been worth the risk of you have to tear down your conservatory because of some regulation you might have overlooked. Find out from your local authority as well as other experts what you need to do to successfully construct a conservatory in that area. For instance, factors such as whether your home is listed, the size of the conservatory you seek to construct and the distance from a neighboring property will greatly affect whether planning is required. Always get advice from experienced companies that can break down for you all the intricacies.

  1. Rushing through the entire process

Do enough research on what is on offer in the garden building market. making a quick decision for something financially intensive as conservatory construction could as well be a very fast route to ultimate disappointment. Shortlist several conservatory firms, have a personal interaction with them and request to be allowed to consult with their existing customers for a reference. It is also vital to visit one of their sites to check the workmanship in person. Then, also find out all miscellaneous services you might require by researching what is on offer for other services such as insurance, guarantees, and customer service support before finally making a choice.

  1. Consider your furniture

It may seem wise to compromise on the size of your new conservatory if you are on a tight budget. However, wishing once it is built that you would have included an extra half a meter, especially if your furniture does not fit, is super frustrating. If you have large pieces of furniture, they need to stand against a strong wall, so as you design be sure to include enough wall space in your design for the sake of your favorite bookshelf or your very heavy sofa set.

  1. Ignoring the future maintenance

Any construction usually requires a degree of maintenance. To minimize the costs and frequency of maintenance, use aluminum alternatives for most of the construction such as gutters (avoid plastic), and use aluminum for your roofing. Use hardwood for any wooden areas of the construction and ensure you check and confirm the manufacturer warranties and guarantees.

  1. Ignoring the landscape

You will often need an area to be cleared for the groundwork of your building during and before construction. Eventually, you will not want the space around your conservatory to remain a wasteland once the construction is done. So, plan the landscaping in advance and aim to create a seamless link between your conservatory and the outdoors or garden.

There you have it, take time to ensure that as you go down the conservatory road, you have carefully checked everything you need to, and your checklist is done and dusted.

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Role of ventilation in the garden room

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Ventilation is a system in a building that intentionally has been designed to allow fresh and clean air in the rooms. Every garden room has some form of ventilation that supplies fresh air within the structure. There are various types of ventilation systems that property owners use.

Here is an outline of the key benefits of ventilation in a building:

Eliminate condensation

During winter, poorly ventilated garden rooms experience condensation. It happens when there are low temperatures and especially at night. The surrounding air becomes moisture and is attached to the cold surfaces such as walls, pieces of furniture, and glass windows. In some days, the water vapor cannot be held as droplets and it is absorbed by the surfaces which results in unpleasant smell, decomposing some areas, growth of molds, and eventually might lead to health complications to the people who spent most of their time within the garden room. But with quality ventilation, condensation will no longer be experienced since the walls will be warmed through insulation systems that involve mechanical ventilation that ensures removal of excess humidity in the garden room.

Eliminating impurities

The environment in cities and industrial areas can be very polluted. Consequently, the air could be carrying a lot of impurities that can cause diseases such as asthma, watering eyes, allergies, itching, and airborne diseases. Installing an effective ventilation system reduces the chances of the impurities entering the room through bacteria’s in the moisture. Thus, a proper ventilation system promotes healthy life by purifying the air, eliminating moisture accumulation, and keeping fresh air moving inside the house. When the air is cleansed, people can breathe fresh quality air and the rooms would not be stuffy. Moreover, some regions are affected by radon gas. Radon gas is created from the decay of small particles of uranium and it happens in areas with minerals and many rocks. When humans inhale this gas, it is harmful to their health as it is associated with one of the causes of lung cancer. Also, during the summer, some people suffer from hay fever. However, those who install effective ventilations have noticed it is a very suitable protective tool that helps in maintaining healthy living conditions.

 Reduce temperatures and volatile organic compounds

At times, people can converge in one confined garden room like when you are having a party and in such an environment the garden room turns to be hot and stuffy. This environment could be having volatile organic compounds that lead to health problems. The volatile organic compounds come from some cosmetics, paints, air fresheners among other chemicals. The homeowners can reduce the chances of suffering from certain diseases by investing in mechanical ventilation systems that purify the air and ensure people breathe fresh air, live comfortably, and create a relaxed environment.

A survey by the University of Sheffield discovered that the air in some homes, busy roads and city market centers is polluted three times as compared to the air in the outdoor environment. This means there are a lot of people that are exposed to impurities and polluted environments unknowingly. The pollutants in homes and garden rooms are released when cooking, lighting candles, and other combustibles. The other contaminants are carbon fumes from vehicles, industries, and poor dumping of wastes.

The ventilation system is important in the garden room as it helps in keeping quality air indoors, purifies impurities, and reduces excess temperatures. When you notice the natural ventilation is not adequate, consider installing mechanical ventilation systems to circulate fresh air using fans and ducts and improve their comfort. The ventilation size depends on the type of garden room and, also the size.

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A guide to choosing the best window treatment for a garden room

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Window treatment is a design element that involves a cover that polishes and improves the look of a garden room. Homeowners use window treatment for different purposes. They distinguish a professionally designed garden room from the rest.

Here are things you need to take into consideration before choosing the kind of window treatment for a garden room. 


Privacy is an important aspect that determines the type of window treatment that is installed in a garden room. If a garden room is in a densely populated estate then the use of blind, fabric, and drapes that are designed with opaque materials is the best solution. With the opaque window treatments, adequate light can be allowed inside the garden room but the outsiders will not be able to see what will be happening. These materials prevent direct viewership by blocking the window space during the day. The designers can help in creating a customized and functional window treatment that fits the garden room. In fact, most window treatments are common in garden rooms that have a guest house and that have street-facing windows because they provide a full range of light as well as ensuring privacy.

Design style

The design of every garden is different, and this means the structure of the windows varies. As a property owner, it is paramount to consult with a recognized interior designer

with a reputation in the type of windows in your garden room. For instance, there are many types of windows including double windows, casement windows, and slider windows. Also, they could be traditional or contemporary styles. Each type of window will require a different variety of window treatments. Also, the other key thing in style is considering the size and measurements. With detailed measurements, it is easy to build a suitable window treatment that serves its intended purpose in a garden room. Besides, without proper measurement, homeowners will be frustrated since the window treatment will be in the wrong size. To avoid this mess, it is prudent to work with professional designers.

Energy efficiency

There are people who are very much interested in conserving energy and reducing the cost of maintenance in their garden room. As a result, they buy window treatments that are made from materials that reduce cooling and heating in the rooms. This ensures the energy bills are kept low. Moreover, other people use window paints with insulating layers to maintain their property warm during the cold season and minimize heating during summer. Additionally, there are some window treatments that can be left open during winter to allow adequate temperatures.

Think of decoration

There are some homeowners who specifically buy window treatment as a form of the aesthetic in the garden room. Some decorations bring a neutral look while others provide bright patterns. However, it is essential to select colors that will match the color of the garden specifically interior. Some aesthetics will be mounted outside while others are fitted inside the window casing. Nevertheless, some aesthetics can reduce the amount of light that enters the garden room hence there is a need to consider the ones that allow enough light through the windows.

It is salient when you consult with a garden room designer to create a structure whose window treatments are originally inbuilt. This will ensure the window treatment will not be incorporated as an additional feature when everything aspect of construction has been made. The right window treatment revamps the look of the garden room and complements every aspect of home as well as enhancing a friendly environment where people live comfortably.

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Ideas for improving terrace cover space

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Many people are always in constant look for ways to enhance the terrace outdoor space and derive maximum value from it. What they are not aware of is the fact that a terrace cover should be designed with the intentional purpose in mind, furnished with the appropriate furniture and grow some plants such as flowers and vegetables. Investing in terrace cover decoration will make the outdoor space shine and enable the owner to inject a stylish design.

So, what are some of the elements that can upgrade the terrace cover space? Here is an outline of the tips that will offer a perfect terrace cover.

Plant flowers

Growing flowers in a terrace cover boost the visual appeal with the colorful flowers spicing up the visual appeal. Since they are natural what is needed is watering and trimming the excess branches. Research says that people who live in a terrace with flowers always have a better and lively mood that improves their productivity and enables them to connect easily. This is made possible by attractive colors that improve mental inspiration which increases creativity for new ideas to solve problems. Additionally, flowers will refine the smell of the room, eliminate toxic substances around and filter the air hence producing more oxygen. One of the instances, when flowers benefit the environment, is during the process of photosynthesis, in which the leaves absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Flowers will also complement the interior design since they can be resized, trimmed in different sizes and include many colors.

Create a theme for furniture

Choosing a personality color for the furniture can immensely revamp the appearance of the terrace cover because it gives a charming touch as well as telling your design style to the guests. The design and the color of tables and the seats should be tandemly in match.  to pick the right size of the furniture with the available space in mind. The best way to achieve this is by referring to the blueprint of the room before the gauge the actual space then design the furniture with the correct measurements. The sofa pillows should also contain a certain marching element such as fabric to maintain consistency.

Light it up

Decorative lighting works suitably in bringing out beautiful aesthetics from the architectural features in the terrace cover. Apart from the aesthetics, picking the appropriate lighting can stimulate a positive mood when the people are relaxing and enjoying in the room. More so, some property owners like to fence the terrace to protect their privacy and ensure the light is concentrated and inviting as much as possible. The lighting can be a layered illumination that includes the combination of ambient and task lighting to create a beautiful atmosphere where people can perform various tasks. The direction which the room faces can help in determining the fitting light. For instance, if the room faces west or against the sunlight, it will need excess light. At night the light would not be a beautifying feature only but will also be a way of enhancing security in the outdoor space. Improving the terrace cover is the best way to allow family and friends to have fun while seating in the room. Buying durable furniture can save the hassle of regular repair and maintain a decent place with colorful flowers. It is more important to consider painting the furniture a color that matches the terrace walls to create a bright theme. The last tip is to invest in fencing to provide some privacy and safety for the flowers.

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Benefits of having a garden room gym

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There are incredible health reasons for doing exercises and physical activities in our lives. Regardless of age and sex, engaging in exercises combats excess weight gain hence preventing obesity, reduces the risk of heart diseases, and improves energy in the body. While some people pursue their fitness goals in commercial gyms where they pay monthly or annual fees, others build home gyms in the garden rooms.

Thinking of establishing a garden room gym? Check out these benefits and stay healthy!


When there is a garden room gym, every member of the family can exercise feeling more comfortable without the fear of anybody taking their photo and sharing it on social platforms. Similarly, there is the freedom of wearing any attire in which a person will do physical exercise without the worry of who is looking for him/her and this stimulates better moods. Since the garden gym can be accessed 24 hours in 7 days, it provides more opportunity for the owners to train extensively. For instance, if you are a mother, you can wake up when the children are sleeping and work out the way you wish.


As the owner of the garden room gym, when doing training there is room to play and change any genre of music that is soothing depending on the workouts. That implies that the television on the wall can be switched to the favorable channel for blasting music to make it an enjoyable experience as the weight lifting routine continues. Also, unlike commercial gyms where a strict schedule is followed, a garden room gym can be used at a convenient time, therefore, giving more motivation to stay fit. It is even possible to work out during weekends and holidays. Furthermore, any family member can start with the suitable equipment which he feels is most familiar without feeling anxious about people seeing him until the time he acquaints himself with every machine.


With a garden room gym, there is no queue waiting for people to finish using some machines to give space for others. Therefore, when the family plans to start aerobics, they can conduct practice without distraction from any quarter. Moreover, adjusting machines to suit specific individuals is limited as there are only a few people who are involved in the workouts. This means the equipment and the room can be customized in accordance to the needs of each family member. The machines and equipment can be always kept ready. Some people even go the extra mile by painting their favorite colors on the walls, drawing images on the floor and decorating it with posters among other works of art. This gives them a personal style that is a motivating factor in conducting consistent workouts.

Cost efficiency

Unlike commercial gyms where monthly or annual membership has to be paid, having a garden room gym is cost-effective. This is because with a personal gym there is no recurrent expenditure for a membership fee. Although setting up a garden gym could be expensive due to the upfront fee, it is far much better than a commercial gym. The only charges incurred are for maintenance and thus there is potential to save money. Additionally, there are only family members and friends who will be using the gym thus equipment will have a long lifespan with retained value. Besides, there are no traveling costs to the commercial gym, traffic and the pressure to meet the set times. Whilst it may seem an expensive venture to have a garden room gym, there are endless benefits of investing in it as compared to a commercial gym. It is a cost-effective plan that can be customized to individual demands. Setting up a personal gym requires purchasing fitness equipment such as a treadmill, stationary bicycle, among others. What makes it more suitable is that after exercise, people can relax at home not to mention that the whole family can exercise in private without disturbances from strangers.

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What you need to consider when hiring a garden room contractor

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Choosing a qualified contractor to build a garden room can be challenging for most property owners unless they have reliable friends and relatives who can guide them in making informed decisions. It is paramount to consider working with recognized contractors who can deliver satisfactory performance according to the set code standards. Here are tips that will provide guidance and help in hiring a qualified contractor who can build an exceptional garden room;

Credentials and experience

It is important to know the education and the experience of the contractor before officially signing the contract. Researching their credentials on their website before meeting them face to face can assist in getting a glimpse of whom they are concerning their work. Checking their certifications, membership of accreditation in relevant bodies, affiliations and abbreviations from international and national organizations. Some contractors are specialized in building specific structures while others offer generalized one-stop-shop services. This membership in the relevant bodies implies that the contractor is authorized in the design and construction of the garden room.

Further, investigating contractors’ work history on some of the substantial projects they worked on can be found on their profile. However, when you can still ask for their portfolio to understand if they have handled projects that are related to what it is required, materials they are familiar with using and past customer experience. Additionally, get facts right by checking reviews to understand if the contractor is timely in performance and any historical disputes with clients. Moreso, going a notch higher by looking at photos of similar projects related to the one you need and calling some former clients to confirm that they were impressed with the service can give extra mileage.

Most importantly, ensure the contractor is insured because, in case of any risk that may lead to an accident to the team of contractors, you would be held liable to compensate for the damages.


As a potential customer, understand fully what you want the project to look like before visiting contractors. For example, decide what the garden room will be used for and the number of rooms that are needed among other amenities like kitchen and garden spas. But when it is not clear what can fit effectively in the garden room, consulting with a garden room design expert will provide insightful options. Moreover, be careful to follow the set budget to avoid any unnecessary expenses. Ask several quotations from recognized contractors to make a comparison and choose whoever meets your needs.             This is beneficial in providing a perspective on the type of work each contractor can offer and the price thus knowing what to pay for. Some could give a chance to negotiate without altering the quality while others not. Remember, the low bid may not offer the best quality because it may mean he will use poor quality materials hence compromising the whole garden room.

Contract details

When you decide and agree with the contractor, insist on having a written agreement. 

It should include the start and completion period, terms of payment, a description of the services or products to be provided by the contractor as well as the permits to practice and licenses of the crew not to mention the impacts of default by either party.

Hiring a contractor should be a compressive process that is required to be done carefully to avoid any unexpected expenses or losses. So, working with a reputable organization is the key to a successful design and completion of a garden room within the set timelines. Finally, jotting down a signed contract and understanding it fully can help in avoiding any occurrence of possible risks for the homeowner.

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