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What you need to consider when hiring a garden room contractor

Choosing a qualified contractor to build a garden room can be challenging for most property owners unless they have reliable friends and relatives who can guide them in making informed decisions. It is paramount to consider working with recognized contractors who can deliver satisfactory performance according to the set code standards. Here are tips that will provide guidance and help in hiring a qualified contractor who can build an exceptional garden room;

Credentials and experience

It is important to know the education and the experience of the contractor before officially signing the contract. Researching their credentials on their website before meeting them face to face can assist in getting a glimpse of whom they are concerning their work. Checking their certifications, membership of accreditation in relevant bodies, affiliations and abbreviations from international and national organizations. Some contractors are specialized in building specific structures while others offer generalized one-stop-shop services. This membership in the relevant bodies implies that the contractor is authorized in the design and construction of the garden room.

Further, investigating contractors’ work history on some of the substantial projects they worked on can be found on their profile. However, when you can still ask for their portfolio to understand if they have handled projects that are related to what it is required, materials they are familiar with using and past customer experience. Additionally, get facts right by checking reviews to understand if the contractor is timely in performance and any historical disputes with clients. Moreso, going a notch higher by looking at photos of similar projects related to the one you need and calling some former clients to confirm that they were impressed with the service can give extra mileage.

Most importantly, ensure the contractor is insured because, in case of any risk that may lead to an accident to the team of contractors, you would be held liable to compensate for the damages.


As a potential customer, understand fully what you want the project to look like before visiting contractors. For example, decide what the garden room will be used for and the number of rooms that are needed among other amenities like kitchen and garden spas. But when it is not clear what can fit effectively in the garden room, consulting with a garden room design expert will provide insightful options. Moreover, be careful to follow the set budget to avoid any unnecessary expenses. Ask several quotations from recognized contractors to make a comparison and choose whoever meets your needs.             This is beneficial in providing a perspective on the type of work each contractor can offer and the price thus knowing what to pay for. Some could give a chance to negotiate without altering the quality while others not. Remember, the low bid may not offer the best quality because it may mean he will use poor quality materials hence compromising the whole garden room.

Contract details

When you decide and agree with the contractor, insist on having a written agreement. 

It should include the start and completion period, terms of payment, a description of the services or products to be provided by the contractor as well as the permits to practice and licenses of the crew not to mention the impacts of default by either party.

Hiring a contractor should be a compressive process that is required to be done carefully to avoid any unexpected expenses or losses. So, working with a reputable organization is the key to a successful design and completion of a garden room within the set timelines. Finally, jotting down a signed contract and understanding it fully can help in avoiding any occurrence of possible risks for the homeowner.

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