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Carport Vs. Garage


The carport has become increasingly embraced by modern housing designers. While the garage still comes inbuilt with most houses, carports are increasingly being a reliable alternative to homeowners. So what are some of the advantages of carports over garages and why are people embracing it as an alternative? In this piece, we try to evaluate this matter and conclusively deduce where the future lies between the two.



A carport is an extended structure, often detached from the house that primarily protects vehicles from elements such as rain, snow, or heat. It is often open and easily accessible with just a roof and a few support structures on the side.



1. Very easy to construct

This is a typical DIY (Do It Yourself) project. You can easily start and finish the construction with just a few pieces of wood and roofing materials. It also takes a very short time to complete the construction project.

2. It is affordable

Because of the simplicity of the structure, it costs significantly less than its garage counterpart. All you need to do is get the structure material and maybe a helping hand. Depending on how complex you want to make it, it might require professional help.

3. It is mobile and can serve as a patio area

Most carports are so basic you can disassemble them and relocate with them. Also, the ease of their construction makes it simple to assemble it in a new location just as quickly. It can also serve as a patio area whenever you have a party or a barbeque.

4. No need for permits from authorities

Again, because of the simplicity of the structure, no permits are needed for constructing it. This reduces the effective cost as well as the bureaucracy that comes with local authorities.



1. Cannot be used for extra storage or living

Okay, when you need to house a few extra guests you definitely cannot use your carport. It is also not safe for storage of any kind of sensitive equipment that could easily be stolen.

2. The Car is not as secure

The car in itself is not as secure as in an enclosed space such as a garage. Though the car is protected from external elements such as rain, it still gets exposed to other elements such as dust.



This is a house extension, often made with the same design as the house, for car parking purposes.


1. Very secure

Once you shut the door of the garage, you can be quite assured of the security of your vehicle.

2. Can act as extended space

If you have friends over and you need extra space, you can very conveniently use the garage. It can also be used for the storage of other equipment that doesn’t fit within the main house. You can be sure of the extreme safety of everything you will store in the garage.

3. Increases property value

A house with a garage will be more valuable than that without one, or with a carport.


1. Takes longer to build and is more expensive

The garage is a complete housing structure that requires permits, professionals, and long duration to build. This will make it effectively more expensive to construct than a carport.

2. Is dictated by the design of the house

The garage’s design is often dictated by the design of the house. Therefore, any dreamy designs cannot be implemented.

Also, many houses come with inbuilt garages with minimal input from the tenant or home buyer.

There are several cons and pros of either design but one thing stands firm: they serve different markets. If you are in a neighbourhood to stay, then a garage would be better, if you are a ‘nomad’, then a carport would be better. Just weigh your options and choose what is most suitable for you at that moment.

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