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Tips on how to maintain your veranda

A veranda is an open hall that is attached to a building as a porch and sometimes it is partly roofed. Verandas were first designed and incorporated on the exterior walls in Australia in the early 1850s. Most modern houses include a veranda where people relax and share meals. When maintained properly, a veranda provides a conducive place where the homeowner and family can enjoy.

Here is how a veranda can be kept fabulous;

Let there be light

Installing enough light in a veranda is a priority if it will be used day and night. Some people like using the veranda to cook, read, do some barbecue and even socialize. When you put the lights, it ensures the structure can be used all the time. Cleaning the aluminum parts, glass panels, and the fabrics are the best way to take care of the veranda. However, it is important to consider the climate and the direction which the veranda faces to reduce excessive light and heat since this can affect the comfort of your family.

Choose accessories wisely

Generally, accessories will determine the look of the veranda. They contribute to making it inviting. Therefore, ensure to choose items and a style that represents your interests. For instance, planting favorite flowers around and buying couches, tables while considering the space can transform the structure. However, when the space is limited, choose L-shaped benches and throw a safe room while bearing in mind that few accessories can ensure the structure provides maximum functionality. Simplicity can be amazing without complication. It is important to avoid piling up the area with all sorts of tools unlike you’ve been using the veranda as a store. Evaluate the available space and organize the room accordingly. This is because some people use veranda to host parties.

Keep it clean

Cleaning the veranda regularly is an essential part of maintenance as it would help to keep the glass and frames neatly thus preventing damage by microorganisms. Setting a routine and implementing it can help in ensuring every time the veranda is tidy. For example, sweeping the floor every week, wiping the glass windows and mopping the floor can ensure the place offers a favorable area to reside. Use a brush to get rid of dust and remove any debris, bugs that could be in windows. More so, scrubbing thoroughly with a brush or hard piece of cloth will ensure every dirt is eliminated. Mixing a little baking soda with water an or sparing vinegar can work more effectively. The exterior furniture should also be wiped with warm water along with the cushions.


When you plan to plant flowers, consider the insect-resistant varieties so that flies and mozzies do not make your veranda area their home. For instance, purchasing a piece of medium furniture where jerricans of plants flowers and herbs will grow can ensure the room is spacious. Allowing enough space ensures that the plants are not overcrowded hence giving them the ability to grow healthy. Alternatively, plants can be planted in plastic bags or pots filled with soil and hung on the furniture. It is advisable to use the compost that is suitable for plants to enable them to grow effectively while leaving some space where people can sit. In brief, maintaining a veranda is a great way to ensure the structure can be used every time. Creating a seasonal schedule for cleaning the veranda all together with the furniture will ensure the room is ready to be used when the need arises. When planting plants on the veranda use pots and placing them on one piece of furniture can save space. Remember, the more it is maintained appropriately the longer its lifespan extends.

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