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Factors to consider before constructing terraces for your house

Having a green terrace around houses is the dream of many, but do you know the work that is involved in setting up that cool roof terrace? I know maybe you have heard it more than once that a good thing comes at a cost! Whether it’s a commercial apartment or residential flats, designing a spacious terrace demands a thorough plan and preparedness. This is because you may require professional assistance to help you plan, choose a suitable location where to build, assemble the construction materials, plant those green roses, initiate the construction of the terrace and of course install the roof. 

Imagine that is the summary of the scope of work that will lead you to get an exterior outdoor haven for your family, a place where you can throw parties as you relax and enjoy your Chardonnay. 

In this post, I am walking you through some of the key factors you should consider before you create that modern terrace you’ve been thinking about.  

1.   The size and designs; The size of your terrace will be majorly determined by the purpose you want it to serve. For example, for the family gathering, a maximum size of 2 meters by 4 meters can be enough. Though, if you want a big terrace to host extraordinary big parties, you will need to go for a bigger size. The rectangular designs are most popular in almost every country; nevertheless, you can create a new design for your house if you want a unique decoration. Each design reflects a certain terrace style and can be contemporary, country, colonial, traditional and beach.  

2.   Type of terrace; It is worthy to note that before starting the process of construction, selecting the type of terrace that fits your location as well as considering the climate of your region and source of electricity is important.

There are normally 3 types of a terrace and they include:

Open; The open type of terrace is ideal for regions that regularly experience summer climate. They make aesthetics beautiful and especially for houses that are near ponds and coniferous forests. Not only do they create a magnificent place where you can enjoy a barbecue with your colleagues but also they allow cold but gentle breeze during the hot summer. 

Closed; The construction of closed terraces involves the use of concrete, walls, and roof hence making them very safe for winter countries. The selection of appropriate materials such as insulated metals, bricks, and polycarbonate is determined by the quality you want and your convenient budget. 

Glazed; The glazed terrace provides the creation of a protected environment where you can relax as a couple, workmates and even with your family. Planting flowers around makes it a convenient outdoor place to spend quality time in nature. Depending on what you want to use the terrace for, there are 3 types of glaze terrace that you can adopt in building and they include; frame and frameless, panoramic and wall. 

3. Location of the terrace;

A well-built terrace will protect you from excess sunlight, snow and cold weather and strong winds. This affects the location and the direction that your terrace will face. However, you’ve several options that you can install behind your house, attach it along the house wall and even along with the windows.

4. Materials;

There is a wide variety of materials that you can choose in building your terrace extension. Nonetheless, you will have to first consider the objective of your structure since it will determine the material to use. Additionally, if you’re an exquisite design worshipper, your style may be captured by a specific material. That said, regardless of the material chosen, the terrace should serve its designed purpose. 

There are different types of materials that you use in installing your terrace exterior. For example, there’s natural wood, glass, transparent plastic, polycarbonate, PVC, bricks, metals as well as sheets. 

Tools are key necessities in the construction process and should also be accounted for during each particular phase of construction. For any construction tools, van adrighem is the comprehensive supplier.

As I wrap up, remember, it may look an easy task before you start the construction, however, you will need to be strategic and decide the purpose for your terrace from the onset.

So you do still want to build your terrace? It’s your turn now! 

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