Ideas for improving terrace cover space

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Many people are always in constant look for ways to enhance the terrace outdoor space and derive maximum value from it. What they are not aware of is the fact that a terrace cover should be designed with the intentional purpose in mind, furnished with the appropriate furniture and grow some plants such as flowers and vegetables. Investing in terrace cover decoration will make the outdoor space shine and enable the owner to inject a stylish design.

So, what are some of the elements that can upgrade the terrace cover space? Here is an outline of the tips that will offer a perfect terrace cover.

Plant flowers

Growing flowers in a terrace cover boost the visual appeal with the colorful flowers spicing up the visual appeal. Since they are natural what is needed is watering and trimming the excess branches. Research says that people who live in a terrace with flowers always have a better and lively mood that improves their productivity and enables them to connect easily. This is made possible by attractive colors that improve mental inspiration which increases creativity for new ideas to solve problems. Additionally, flowers will refine the smell of the room, eliminate toxic substances around and filter the air hence producing more oxygen. One of the instances, when flowers benefit the environment, is during the process of photosynthesis, in which the leaves absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Flowers will also complement the interior design since they can be resized, trimmed in different sizes and include many colors.

Create a theme for furniture

Choosing a personality color for the furniture can immensely revamp the appearance of the terrace cover because it gives a charming touch as well as telling your design style to the guests. The design and the color of tables and the seats should be tandemly in match.  to pick the right size of the furniture with the available space in mind. The best way to achieve this is by referring to the blueprint of the room before the gauge the actual space then design the furniture with the correct measurements. The sofa pillows should also contain a certain marching element such as fabric to maintain consistency.

Light it up

Decorative lighting works suitably in bringing out beautiful aesthetics from the architectural features in the terrace cover. Apart from the aesthetics, picking the appropriate lighting can stimulate a positive mood when the people are relaxing and enjoying in the room. More so, some property owners like to fence the terrace to protect their privacy and ensure the light is concentrated and inviting as much as possible. The lighting can be a layered illumination that includes the combination of ambient and task lighting to create a beautiful atmosphere where people can perform various tasks. The direction which the room faces can help in determining the fitting light. For instance, if the room faces west or against the sunlight, it will need excess light. At night the light would not be a beautifying feature only but will also be a way of enhancing security in the outdoor space. Improving the terrace cover is the best way to allow family and friends to have fun while seating in the room. Buying durable furniture can save the hassle of regular repair and maintain a decent place with colorful flowers. It is more important to consider painting the furniture a color that matches the terrace walls to create a bright theme. The last tip is to invest in fencing to provide some privacy and safety for the flowers.

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Benefits of having a garden room gym

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There are incredible health reasons for doing exercises and physical activities in our lives. Regardless of age and sex, engaging in exercises combats excess weight gain hence preventing obesity, reduces the risk of heart diseases, and improves energy in the body. While some people pursue their fitness goals in commercial gyms where they pay monthly or annual fees, others build home gyms in the garden rooms.

Thinking of establishing a garden room gym? Check out these benefits and stay healthy!


When there is a garden room gym, every member of the family can exercise feeling more comfortable without the fear of anybody taking their photo and sharing it on social platforms. Similarly, there is the freedom of wearing any attire in which a person will do physical exercise without the worry of who is looking for him/her and this stimulates better moods. Since the garden gym can be accessed 24 hours in 7 days, it provides more opportunity for the owners to train extensively. For instance, if you are a mother, you can wake up when the children are sleeping and work out the way you wish.


As the owner of the garden room gym, when doing training there is room to play and change any genre of music that is soothing depending on the workouts. That implies that the television on the wall can be switched to the favorable channel for blasting music to make it an enjoyable experience as the weight lifting routine continues. Also, unlike commercial gyms where a strict schedule is followed, a garden room gym can be used at a convenient time, therefore, giving more motivation to stay fit. It is even possible to work out during weekends and holidays. Furthermore, any family member can start with the suitable equipment which he feels is most familiar without feeling anxious about people seeing him until the time he acquaints himself with every machine.


With a garden room gym, there is no queue waiting for people to finish using some machines to give space for others. Therefore, when the family plans to start aerobics, they can conduct practice without distraction from any quarter. Moreover, adjusting machines to suit specific individuals is limited as there are only a few people who are involved in the workouts. This means the equipment and the room can be customized in accordance to the needs of each family member. The machines and equipment can be always kept ready. Some people even go the extra mile by painting their favorite colors on the walls, drawing images on the floor and decorating it with posters among other works of art. This gives them a personal style that is a motivating factor in conducting consistent workouts.

Cost efficiency

Unlike commercial gyms where monthly or annual membership has to be paid, having a garden room gym is cost-effective. This is because with a personal gym there is no recurrent expenditure for a membership fee. Although setting up a garden gym could be expensive due to the upfront fee, it is far much better than a commercial gym. The only charges incurred are for maintenance and thus there is potential to save money. Additionally, there are only family members and friends who will be using the gym thus equipment will have a long lifespan with retained value. Besides, there are no traveling costs to the commercial gym, traffic and the pressure to meet the set times. Whilst it may seem an expensive venture to have a garden room gym, there are endless benefits of investing in it as compared to a commercial gym. It is a cost-effective plan that can be customized to individual demands. Setting up a personal gym requires purchasing fitness equipment such as a treadmill, stationary bicycle, among others. What makes it more suitable is that after exercise, people can relax at home not to mention that the whole family can exercise in private without disturbances from strangers.

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What you need to consider when hiring a garden room contractor

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Choosing a qualified contractor to build a garden room can be challenging for most property owners unless they have reliable friends and relatives who can guide them in making informed decisions. It is paramount to consider working with recognized contractors who can deliver satisfactory performance according to the set code standards. Here are tips that will provide guidance and help in hiring a qualified contractor who can build an exceptional garden room;

Credentials and experience

It is important to know the education and the experience of the contractor before officially signing the contract. Researching their credentials on their website before meeting them face to face can assist in getting a glimpse of whom they are concerning their work. Checking their certifications, membership of accreditation in relevant bodies, affiliations and abbreviations from international and national organizations. Some contractors are specialized in building specific structures while others offer generalized one-stop-shop services. This membership in the relevant bodies implies that the contractor is authorized in the design and construction of the garden room.

Further, investigating contractors’ work history on some of the substantial projects they worked on can be found on their profile. However, when you can still ask for their portfolio to understand if they have handled projects that are related to what it is required, materials they are familiar with using and past customer experience. Additionally, get facts right by checking reviews to understand if the contractor is timely in performance and any historical disputes with clients. Moreso, going a notch higher by looking at photos of similar projects related to the one you need and calling some former clients to confirm that they were impressed with the service can give extra mileage.

Most importantly, ensure the contractor is insured because, in case of any risk that may lead to an accident to the team of contractors, you would be held liable to compensate for the damages.


As a potential customer, understand fully what you want the project to look like before visiting contractors. For example, decide what the garden room will be used for and the number of rooms that are needed among other amenities like kitchen and garden spas. But when it is not clear what can fit effectively in the garden room, consulting with a garden room design expert will provide insightful options. Moreover, be careful to follow the set budget to avoid any unnecessary expenses. Ask several quotations from recognized contractors to make a comparison and choose whoever meets your needs.             This is beneficial in providing a perspective on the type of work each contractor can offer and the price thus knowing what to pay for. Some could give a chance to negotiate without altering the quality while others not. Remember, the low bid may not offer the best quality because it may mean he will use poor quality materials hence compromising the whole garden room.

Contract details

When you decide and agree with the contractor, insist on having a written agreement. 

It should include the start and completion period, terms of payment, a description of the services or products to be provided by the contractor as well as the permits to practice and licenses of the crew not to mention the impacts of default by either party.

Hiring a contractor should be a compressive process that is required to be done carefully to avoid any unexpected expenses or losses. So, working with a reputable organization is the key to a successful design and completion of a garden room within the set timelines. Finally, jotting down a signed contract and understanding it fully can help in avoiding any occurrence of possible risks for the homeowner.

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Signs that your garden room needs a makeover

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A garden room is a structure that can accommodate many uses depending on the design materials and the number of rooms. When it is used for a certain period, remodeling is necessary to revamp its appearance and ensure it provides the desired value. Some people allow everything to deteriorate before they do renovation while others are not sure when to renovate a garden room.

The following signs are a clear indicator that the garden room needs some makeover;

The flooring looks old

When the floor tiles begin cracking or chipping, the room will look ugly and the solution is to plan for replacement. Most floors are made of tiles, vinyl and wood. The detachment of these materials means they have experienced their fair share of wearing off and they require some renovation. When doing a renovation, some property owners could decide to change the design and add other decorations such as carpet. As a result, the lifespan of the structure will be able to last for long. Buying a carpet or applying hardwood flooring can be a better option in improving the garden room.

 The roof is leaking and the paint looks gloomy

The leaking of the roof implies two things; the roofing material might have rotten or the person who installed it did shoddy work resulting in early damage by rains or wind. Also, the color of the roof could be peeling and needs repainting. On the other hand, the painting on the exterior and interior walls could be looking discolored and dirty. A lot of factors could be leading to this among them some chemicals or failure to clean the room making cobs and dust to make the garden room disgusting. The solution to improving gloomy walls is applying a new layer of paint.

Space doesn’t meet your needs

As a homeowner, sometimes it demands the change of social life where you agree to live with your relatives, create a teen room in the garden room among other ways. When this is the case, the garden room may not be meeting its functional requirements. Making some adjustments like building a spacious garden room or increasing the number of rooms is advisable. This will give it a refreshing look. But in an instance where there is more empty space, considering using a garden room as a home office, gym, guest room or any purpose can be ideal.

Outdated features

A garden room can be 25 years old and during this type, a new model could have emerged. Besides, some sections might not be functioning effectively such as the drainage system. Also, the aesthetics could have turned deary making .causing devaluation of the whole garden room

 As a result, most people would be willing to catch up with the latest construction trends. Therefore, building a new structure with modern features can be ideal so that it is kept up to date with the latest developments. Redoing a garden room will improve the emotional connection that motivates a homeowner to spend quality time at the garden room home hence leading to improved productivity.

There are many reasons that can necessitate the makeover of a garden room. When some parts of the house have been damaged like the ceilings, floor and roof, start preparing a budget for the renovation. It is sensible to consult with a garden room design expert to examine the structure and advise the appropriate course of action. All in all, a regular check-up of a garden after a period of five or seven years is essential to determine any possible need for repair.

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Tips on how to maintain your veranda

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A veranda is an open hall that is attached to a building as a porch and sometimes it is partly roofed. Verandas were first designed and incorporated on the exterior walls in Australia in the early 1850s. Most modern houses include a veranda where people relax and share meals. When maintained properly, a veranda provides a conducive place where the homeowner and family can enjoy.

Here is how a veranda can be kept fabulous;

Let there be light

Installing enough light in a veranda is a priority if it will be used day and night. Some people like using the veranda to cook, read, do some barbecue and even socialize. When you put the lights, it ensures the structure can be used all the time. Cleaning the aluminum parts, glass panels, and the fabrics are the best way to take care of the veranda. However, it is important to consider the climate and the direction which the veranda faces to reduce excessive light and heat since this can affect the comfort of your family.

Choose accessories wisely

Generally, accessories will determine the look of the veranda. They contribute to making it inviting. Therefore, ensure to choose items and a style that represents your interests. For instance, planting favorite flowers around and buying couches, tables while considering the space can transform the structure. However, when the space is limited, choose L-shaped benches and throw a safe room while bearing in mind that few accessories can ensure the structure provides maximum functionality. Simplicity can be amazing without complication. It is important to avoid piling up the area with all sorts of tools unlike you’ve been using the veranda as a store. Evaluate the available space and organize the room accordingly. This is because some people use veranda to host parties.

Keep it clean

Cleaning the veranda regularly is an essential part of maintenance as it would help to keep the glass and frames neatly thus preventing damage by microorganisms. Setting a routine and implementing it can help in ensuring every time the veranda is tidy. For example, sweeping the floor every week, wiping the glass windows and mopping the floor can ensure the place offers a favorable area to reside. Use a brush to get rid of dust and remove any debris, bugs that could be in windows. More so, scrubbing thoroughly with a brush or hard piece of cloth will ensure every dirt is eliminated. Mixing a little baking soda with water an or sparing vinegar can work more effectively. The exterior furniture should also be wiped with warm water along with the cushions.


When you plan to plant flowers, consider the insect-resistant varieties so that flies and mozzies do not make your veranda area their home. For instance, purchasing a piece of medium furniture where jerricans of plants flowers and herbs will grow can ensure the room is spacious. Allowing enough space ensures that the plants are not overcrowded hence giving them the ability to grow healthy. Alternatively, plants can be planted in plastic bags or pots filled with soil and hung on the furniture. It is advisable to use the compost that is suitable for plants to enable them to grow effectively while leaving some space where people can sit. In brief, maintaining a veranda is a great way to ensure the structure can be used every time. Creating a seasonal schedule for cleaning the veranda all together with the furniture will ensure the room is ready to be used when the need arises. When planting plants on the veranda use pots and placing them on one piece of furniture can save space. Remember, the more it is maintained appropriately the longer its lifespan extends.

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How to maintain your carport

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A carport is very important for your car because it is responsible for keeping it safe and covered all the time. It is always good to ensure your carport is well maintained. Here are some of the tips and ways in which you can make your carport clean, well maintained, and even ensure your home ground looks interesting.

Cleaning off your carport

When you drive in and out of your carport some dirty particles are left on the floor. Depending on the season, you may find dust particles, and specks of dirt have been left on the floor. It is always advisable to clean the floor thoroughly regularly and ensure you replace the damaged slabs with other new ones. The roof of your carport, it is also good to ensure that it is clean all the time to avoid the accumulation of dirt like leaves from the near trees especially if your roof is made of metal. A metal roof should be clean since things like leaves can cause rust once they combine with rain and decay and with time leads to some holes on the roof. Small holes on the roof can cause big damage to your car. For all the carport roof material always clean up regularly for it to last long.

Regular checks

In a carport, walls have a big responsibility. Have regular checks at least twice a year for any form of damage either denting caused by the car, normal wear, and tear or caused by the environment. You should always ensure your walls have no holes and if they have either small or large you fix them and make sure that there is nothing near the wall which can lead to rusting especially for the metal walls.

Minor repairs of the carport as they arise

The damage of the entire carport starts with neglecting small problems that arise. Some people tend to ignore minor repairs in their carports. Minor repairs include; dents caused by the car, painting the scratches, and filling holes caused by weather elements. By repairing them on time ensures that your carport lasts long and looks new all the time.

Insulate your carport

Insulation is very key when you live in areas where the temperature fluctuates all the time. By insulating your carport, it makes the temperature across your structure even and it will avoid any condensation of moisture which can lead to rust of the metal and also the car. The insulation will also ensure that your carport remains useful and lasts for long.

Be aware of water damage

Water is one of the main enemies of your metal carport. Metal carport and its floor can often be damaged by water, which means you should always make sure that there are no signs of mold or mildew within your carport. You should never ignore any sign of water droplets in your carport because it can cause rusting and if it a lot can cause a shift in the foundation of the building. The use of gutters and downspouts can direct rainwater far away from your carport.

Remove snow

If you live in areas that experience snow during winter, you should make sure that you remove the one which builds up between snowstorms. You can use the A-frame roof style to ensure that the snow can exit easily from your carport. The weight of the snow on the roof can cause significant damage to the carport.

A carport is easy to maintain once you have all these tips. Don’t ignore any because it has its own advantage to your carport. Simple things like cleaning, regular inspection, insulation, minor repairs, keeping an eye on the water around, and removing snow will ensure your carport lasts for long.

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How to Insulate a Garden Room?

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Garden room insulation is the only best way of creating comfort in outdoor space during winter and summer as it keeps the house cool and warm all year round. In the first place, to achieve maximum insulation, using the right materials is key and also insulating floors, walls, doors and windows. Before ordering the material for insulation, it is important to plan.

To start with, measure the size of the timbers to ascertain that the selected material will be enough to fit into them. According to designers, the appropriate depth that is supposed to be insulated should be at least 100mm. Note, for insulation to work effectively, fresh air must have the ventilation to move freely. The air gap allows walls to breathe and prevents moisture from entering the garden room. On the other hand, insulation costs depending on the size of the structure. For instance, a garden room that has an insulated garden office and other rooms will cost higher than one that has a single room. The following procedure highlights what to do to achieve fully insulated garden rooms.

Additionally, the insulation of the floor is done in two main ways. First is creating a reinforced concrete foundation that is strong hence making it weather resistance. This is achieved by pouring a larger amount of concrete on the ground that creates a stable floor than an average slab. Alternatively, installing a wooden subfloor with water moisture resistant materials will protect the floor from absorbing water, enhance air circulation and maintain friendly temperatures as required. In addition, insulated garden rooms must have airtight walls that are waterproof. This can be made by attaching a layer of spray on the walls that make the barrier and when they insulate the electrical wires and plumbing system thus creating a moisture barrier.

Furthermore, walls can be insulated by applying foam insulation that fits in all the gaps. Cut the insulation foam to size with each section from your 2.4m x 1.2m. This will make 2 parts one for internal and other external installation. Thereafter, Slot the two parts into place to fill the gap between walls on each side. Moreover, having insulated garden rooms will help to keep the roof warm during winter. In regions with a cold climate part, it is recommendable to use a larger Fiberglass with R3.8 per inch. Also for small garden rooms, the use of cellulose can also be applied to protect the roof from absorbing moisture. As a result, all the gaps within the roof are insulated while ensuring appropriate ventilation.

Also, baffles are used to keep moderate airflow within the garden rooms where they are covered with the addition of cellulose or batt. Fill all the space that is in the rafters to ensure you have achieved at least 10 inches of insulation.

Besides, windows and doors also require insulation because they have a bigger entry space for moisture. But before insulation, checks should be made on them to ascertain there are no cracks on the doors, windows, frames, or any other opening. If they have occurred, they should be sealed tightly. Consider using waterproof caulking on the big opening. Furthermore, the use of insulated clad doors will establish a strong barrier preventing the leakage of moisture.

Therefore, having insulated garden rooms provides many benefits. This is because insulation reduces heat during summer while in winter it maintains heat inside. Insulation prevents the entry of moisture or water, excess heat and some materials can also block noise. As a result, the floor, roof, windows and doors need to be insulated in order to acquire optimum results.

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Top Garden Room Trends

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There are new developments that come with the change of time in the construction and design of a garden room. This has been made possible by novel innovations since people desire to own better designs of garden rooms. From Belgian design to minimalist designs, the following are current aspects of garden rooms that homeowners are shifting to and adopting in their building styles. 

Nowadays, many homeowners are in demand for garden room design with natural materials as they are sustainable. This technique is assisting in adding more value to homeowners because natural materials are friendly to the environment, locally available and most of them are also renewable. These materials do not require processing in factories or long-distance transportation hence causing a less negative impact on nature.

As a result, natural structures are being embraced together with the incorporation of electricity, less insulation to regulate temperatures and easier ways to damp waste products. Another evident trend that is shaping garden rooms is the Belgian style. Belgian style is dominating because most people view it as luxurious not to mention the decorative fencing that it applies. According to Mr. Mia Witham of Mia Witham Garden Design, he argues that there is growing demand particularly for Belgian design because it utilizes Rome style architecture that made the city famous and even today is admired by many people. 

Besides, the Belgium design is combined with minimalism. The minimalism design focuses on making the most fundamental features a garden room depending on its use and avoids excessive elements. The minimalism design focuses on functionality of the garden room painted neutral colors. For instance, if a garden room has white walls, then the rest of the parts such as the ceiling and floor will also have the same color. This helps the building to reflect light and regulate the temperature inside and makes it possible for the homeowners to stay indoors regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Additionally, this style relies mostly on organic materials to add flavor in construction but focusing much on effective functionality. Additionally, minimalist design is making its way in the construction of garden rooms as a way of integrating natural aesthetics. For example, painting a green color as a backdrop.

Also, garden plants are being used to inject fresh life in garden rooms. This trend of garden plants such as snake plant, white bands, umbrella plant and also plumeria are planted inside and outside garden rooms as a form of decoration. The reason for this is because plants create and boast a positive mood to the homeowners when they are doing certain tasks hence the adoration. Since flowers have different colors, they play a key role in enhancing positive energy to the people.

Moreover, there is an increase in the creation of outdoor space with garden room furniture. People are looking for exterior furniture to enable them to enjoy during different weather conditions. It is recommendable to buy garden room furniture that fits the available space creating extra space for other property and walkways. For example, most furniture companies in the United States and the United Kingdom bought 37 percent of their outdoor furniture annually as compared to the other types of furniture and this figure is expected to grow steadily in years to come.

After all, is said and done, the most garden room trends revolve around the use of natural materials for construction, high demand for Belgian design and use of outdoor garden room furniture. The designation of outdoor furniture also creates a remarkable first impression. There is also a major shift in the adoption of minimalism design for garden rooms plus landscaping and planting flowers inside and outside.

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Awnings Beauty or Necessity

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Oxford dictionary defines an awning as “a sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a shop window, doorway, or ship’s deck.” For many years, awnings have become a core part of house construction, become inculcated into the basic and first design of the home. So, are they really a necessity, and can’t they just be ignored and the extra expenses be saved or redirected? Today, let us examine awns and see whether they are a necessity or whether they can be overlooked in the home construction if there is a budget overflows.

Before we start analyzing, let us have a look at the functionality of awnings. Awnings are primarily constructed to prevent sun or rain from getting into the window, or door of a construction site. With improvements in construction and design, however, windows and doors are nowadays designed to prevent any rain or too much sunshine from getting into an apartment. This has rendered the awning quite null and void, but we are still seeing them constructed, especially by high-end homes, or even by apartments and houses in areas that are prone to heavy rainfall, snow, or even high amounts of sunshine.

So, are awnings still relevant to this day?

  1. There are places where the weather still requires awning

As stated earlier, there are regions with high rainfall and extreme weather that expose windows to damage by these extreme temperatures and rainfall. So, this has made awning become extra helpful in these regions. Though the houses might be designed with these temperatures in mind, it is important to note that the extra reinforcement in weather-damage regulation by awnings is invaluable.

  1. Awnings increase the lifeline of windows

Besides extreme weather and temperatures, awnings also help to protect from unprecedented occurrences such as vandalism and accident that may occur. So, even as the awnings may have reduced relevance due to improvements in home construction, they still assist in managing aspects such as vandalism and unknown accidents. Therefore, this has maintained its relevance in construction.

That being said, awnings have been used in the recent past as well, for more than a necessary structure on a building. Awnings have become decorative making people spend a lot of money to add the structure just for the decorative purpose. So, why have awnings been used in the recent past by so many people despite them having other weather handling mechanisms?

  1. Aesthetic value

Awnings add so much beauty to the house. It is more than just a structure for keeping the windows and doors safe, it adds so much aesthetic value. And that is why designs of awnings improve every single day with adjustments and iteration that make it more modern and aesthetic-based. Even during construction, awnings are fitted sometimes without functionality, with the sole intention of making the house more presentable. Some awnings are paper-thin making them be just as prone to destruction by weather as those without awnings. These kinds are the ones purely for beautification.

  1. Awning retractable designs

There exist many modern-day awning designs that are retractable. This means they can be rolled out when necessary such as during events and retracted when the events are over. This helps in lengthening the life of the awning. This is because they are only rolled out when needed and pushed back when not needed.

That being said, awnings are an adorable addition to your house, both for functionality purposes and for aesthetic value. So, if you feel the need to add both beauty and to keep your windows and doors safe, then you definitely need awnings installed.

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The Sliding Walls- Theory or Practical

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We have all watched those exciting films, where there is a secret room in the house almost unrecognizable because of the fact that it is hidden behind a sliding wall. So, how practical is this theory and is it really worth the time? We set out to investigate just how practical this theory of sliding walls is and if it has been implemented in the world over. It is vital to mention, though, that this article is not about sliding doors which have been implemented several times and for many years, but is about sliding walls. Actual concrete walls that slide whenever a button is pressed. So, a few facts about sliding walls from a theoretical perspective:

1. They have a point of activation

There is a region within the adjacent room that has a sort of activation point for the sliding wall. You just have to tilt the head of a statue, or insert a pin into a tiny hole, or even just press a button and there goes the sliding wall. Opening you up into a room that you did not know was there initially. But that’s the movie version of it, where there is a sinister manipulator with something crucial hidden behind the walls. Can someone just have sliding walls in his home without a sinister motive?

  1. They are almost unidentifiable

On first sight, sliding walls do not look like sliding walls, their architecture is very complex. This is allowing walls to technically lie over each other and to seamlessly slide over one another when triggered. This makes them unidentifiable and therefore can be often used to access hidden rooms. They can also alternatively be used as an architectural design for other reasons such as aesthetics and to save space.

So, are sliding rooms practical?

1. They already exist

Sliding rooms have been there for quite some years now. It is quite a complicated architectural design, but it is not impossible, or irrelevant. In fact, there are several companies that have specialized in the construction of sliding doors and sliding walls. It may take slightly longer, and even be a little more expensive, but the designs have been tried, tested, and approved for very many years, all over the world.

  1. Their design is not that complicated

The architecture of sliding doors is quite creative but generally not that complicated. Working on a number of technologies such as hydraulics, the architecture of such walls ensure that there is a system of seamless movement and dedicated space. These walls require intense preplanning and also requires experts from several different fields to come together and apply creativity, technology, architecture and masonry in the design of the sliding walls.

  1. Though they take slightly longer, they are always worth it

Sliding walls take longer to construct, need more input from different professionals and will definitely cause a dent to your pocket. Eitherway, when homeowners were asked if they regreted the decisions they made to have sliding walls, we found out that almost 85% are totally content and feel happy having made the choice to use sliding walls in their homes, despite the slightly more investment it requires compared to ordinary walls.

Here are a few iconic architectures with sliding walls:

1. Design collective Medium in Tbilisi, Georgia.

2. Point Lonsdale on Australia.

3. Tato Architects in Sonobe, Japan.

4. Manuel Herz Architects in Zurich.

5. Fouad Samara Architects’ Moduloft Apartment in Beirut.

6. Shigeru Ban’s La Seine Musicale in Paris.

Sliding walls are an interesting architecture and definitely a must try. If you have a little extra bucks and are a lover of creativity and design, then sliding walls is definitely a must try!

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