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Role of ventilation in the garden room

Ventilation is a system in a building that intentionally has been designed to allow fresh and clean air in the rooms. Every garden room has some form of ventilation that supplies fresh air within the structure. There are various types of ventilation systems that property owners use.

Here is an outline of the key benefits of ventilation in a building:

Eliminate condensation

During winter, poorly ventilated garden rooms experience condensation. It happens when there are low temperatures and especially at night. The surrounding air becomes moisture and is attached to the cold surfaces such as walls, pieces of furniture, and glass windows. In some days, the water vapor cannot be held as droplets and it is absorbed by the surfaces which results in unpleasant smell, decomposing some areas, growth of molds, and eventually might lead to health complications to the people who spent most of their time within the garden room. But with quality ventilation, condensation will no longer be experienced since the walls will be warmed through insulation systems that involve mechanical ventilation that ensures removal of excess humidity in the garden room.

Eliminating impurities

The environment in cities and industrial areas can be very polluted. Consequently, the air could be carrying a lot of impurities that can cause diseases such as asthma, watering eyes, allergies, itching, and airborne diseases. Installing an effective ventilation system reduces the chances of the impurities entering the room through bacteria’s in the moisture. Thus, a proper ventilation system promotes healthy life by purifying the air, eliminating moisture accumulation, and keeping fresh air moving inside the house. When the air is cleansed, people can breathe fresh quality air and the rooms would not be stuffy. Moreover, some regions are affected by radon gas. Radon gas is created from the decay of small particles of uranium and it happens in areas with minerals and many rocks. When humans inhale this gas, it is harmful to their health as it is associated with one of the causes of lung cancer. Also, during the summer, some people suffer from hay fever. However, those who install effective ventilations have noticed it is a very suitable protective tool that helps in maintaining healthy living conditions.

 Reduce temperatures and volatile organic compounds

At times, people can converge in one confined garden room like when you are having a party and in such an environment the garden room turns to be hot and stuffy. This environment could be having volatile organic compounds that lead to health problems. The volatile organic compounds come from some cosmetics, paints, air fresheners among other chemicals. The homeowners can reduce the chances of suffering from certain diseases by investing in mechanical ventilation systems that purify the air and ensure people breathe fresh air, live comfortably, and create a relaxed environment.

A survey by the University of Sheffield discovered that the air in some homes, busy roads and city market centers is polluted three times as compared to the air in the outdoor environment. This means there are a lot of people that are exposed to impurities and polluted environments unknowingly. The pollutants in homes and garden rooms are released when cooking, lighting candles, and other combustibles. The other contaminants are carbon fumes from vehicles, industries, and poor dumping of wastes.

The ventilation system is important in the garden room as it helps in keeping quality air indoors, purifies impurities, and reduces excess temperatures. When you notice the natural ventilation is not adequate, consider installing mechanical ventilation systems to circulate fresh air using fans and ducts and improve their comfort. The ventilation size depends on the type of garden room and, also the size.

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