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What You Need To Know About Accent Walls

Considering to decor your home with an accent wall should be in your mind to take your interior decor to another level. They are simple to design and also they look great. They adapt to every furniture style and you can customize them very easily. In this blog, I will take you through what is an accent wall, how to choose the best one, and what are the best accent walls ideas out there.

What is an accent wall?

An accent wall is an exterior or interior that has different color, design, pattern, or shades that resembles materials from other walls of your house. They give excellent visual attention and they are the focal point of the room. Many people like them because they can be used in any room whether it is family rooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, and much more.

Don’t think Accent walls are outdated.

These wall decor types are still fashionable in the decorating industry and they are not disappearing any time soon. This is because they are easy to customize. It doesn’t matter if they look different from the past because the original principle remains. For your accent walls to look fresh you need to do a benchmark from popular house decor trends and incorporate these ideas into your accent decor.

How do you choose an accent wall?

When one is trying to do a new decor, the headache always is where do I start. There are no hard and fast rules that you need to abide by although there are a few things you should always keep in your mind.

  1. The room natural focal point.

This means you need to consider where your eyes always fall naturally in your room. In some cases, this depends on the architecture of your room. A built-in shelf or fireplace can be your favorite focal point. Also, furniture arrangements can influence your focal point. The focal point is the main consideration while choosing an accent wall.

  • The second Consideration is Room Dimensions.

This will determine how your accent wall will look. Choose the best part to place your accent wall so that the room can have a balanced shape and make it feel more square.

  • The Function of the room

This is the key idea when decorating a room. You need to plan how the room will be used and how it will adapt to future functions. Accent walls work best for rooms that are meant for multiple functions.

  • Furniture arrangements are another great consideration.

Some furniture like beds serves as a focal point of the room and you need to consider them when setting accent walls.

  • Architectural Details is another main consideration.

Consider you want to have a large picture on the wall. This means you need to consider accent colors which can distract your image, and also your natural light can alter how your painting will look.

Favorite Accent wall ideas.

There are different favorite accent wall ideas you may consider. My favorite ones are painted accent walls, material accent walls, the wood panel accent wall, statement piece accent wall, galley accent wall, mirrored accent wall, and Mural accent walls.

Accent wall colors may also come in different ideas like the soft-hue accent wall, the dark-colored accent wall, and boldly- colored accent wall.

What are the Accent walls for every room?

Different rooms have different opportunities while setting up an accent wall. Living rooms have accent walls that involve segmenting the space. Bedroom accent walls work bests with the wall behind the headboard. A kitchen accent wall is attractive when you bring in some texture from the rustic wood wall. The dining room accent wall needs balancing of color and texture.

This brings us to the conclusion that Accent wall is not outdated and they are easy to make. Accent walls give a splash of bold colors making you feel comfortable when you are in a room painted with different colors.

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