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Home Office Ideas That Will Boost Productivity

During these times of lockdowns and pandemics, Working from home seems to be the new norm. When working from home one needs a dedicated workspace that will make you feel productive and comfortable with your work. This means keeping off from the normal household distractions. You need an office that is away from TVs, snacks and children noise.

Here are some of the office ideas that will inspire you?

A minimalist home office workspace is one of the best ideas if you don’t have enough space to make a fancy office. Its decoration aligns with the rest of the room decor. You just set aside a corner of the room as office space. It has a minimalist feel especially if it has a white color scheme. A color is good since it is used to increase the length of your room according to interior designers.

Space-saving study is second home office idea. You just need a hanging flat wood mounted on a shelf or a wall and a simple chair. The flat wood can swing creating a drop-front desk that you can close when you don’t need it creating more space.

Clean and bright is a third office idea you can implement. It is a bright office. It takes advantage of natural light streaming into your best corner unit making it look attractive. It resembles a guest room. The tables and chairs are at a low level.

A fresh and clean is fourth office interior idea where all the space is painted white with enough colors. This is a more advanced office and you need to dig deeper in your pocket to have it.

Sleek and unique is fifth office idea from an architect Charles Gwathmey. One unique thing is that it requires a lot of space, it has swivel chairs, and a great ceiling fan. It also has a rainbow display of one’s favorite books.

Midcentury-modern motivations office. This is a bit modern office. It is more decorated with golden Moroccan kilim and Navajo rug making it very attractive. This idea also needs you to have a budget and space.

Dallas Home office is one of the designs from Sarah and H. Ross Perot Jr.’s of Dallas Penthouse. The pocket doors and African teak cabinets which were inspired by Sarah’s study.

Pops of color office idea is an office design that has a mixture of bright green and gold. It has a vintage leather and brass accent and also a silk rug.

Another cheerful design is Sunny work Space inspired by Alexandra von Furstenberg. It has a lot of sharp angles and it maintains a lot of fun.

There are many more of these designs ideas and you can see more and their photos at https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/home-offices-slideshow

What to consider when setting up your home office.

First, you need to identify your needs. This will depend on the type of work you do. You might require a small desk or a large desk depending on the size of work you will be doing.

You need to choose a dedicated area. You need an area that has minimal distractions. Also, you need to establish if the office will be shared or not.

The light is also another main consideration. Consider having a warm light. This will not make you seem in a dull place especially when having virtual calls.

You need to have a dedicated phone. This will help you handle your business professionally without mixing personal life with business calls.

Have a place sets aside for gadgets. Don’t all your gadgets scattered all the places. Let your office be organized in a such way you know which gadgets are placed where.

Others include separating the business from professional and have a way to manage your time.

Office space is essential nowadays and everyone needs one especially if you are running a company or you holds a special position in your company.

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