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Main Considerations when adding a conservatory

In modern home renovation additions, a conservatory probably tops the list as the most desired addition. It is one of the oldest home additions dating back to the 17th century. The idea was started by scientists not as a home addition idea, but as a protection of endangered plant species that could not withstand Europe’s cold climate.

The conservatory idea has evolved since then and today we use it to make use of extra space in our homes. They are flexible since they can be used as a kitchen, dining room TV lounge, or even playroom for kids. You need to come up with the best images to utilize this space. Also, you need to consider multiple factors before you add a conservatory. Some of them include,


Cost is probably the first thing that should come to your mind when planning to add a conservatory to your home. Different types of conservatory vary in terms of budgets. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right one. The cost of having a new conservatory extension depends on different factors such as roof type, size of the conservatory, glass type, doors(that is number and types), and finish type. The cost of adding a new conservatory can vary depending on those factors among others.


When adding a conservatory to your home, you have to decide what the conservatory is for!. When you decide the purpose of the conservatory, it is easier to design and implement it accordingly. You need to decide if it will be used as an office which has a nice garden view, playroom for kids or perhaps a dining room that is natural.

When you determine the usage of your conservatory, it will be easier also to determine, the style, size, finish, and layout of the conservatory. For example, if you are going to use your conservatory as a dining area, you need to have an extra door connecting the conservatory and the kitchen. But, if your conservatory will just be used as a relaxing area, you just need one door.


Materials are very important since they determine how long your conservatory will last. This is an important consideration since it will affect the visuals, aesthetics and also determine the practicality of the area. Materials also help in determining the cost of the conservatory hence help in budgeting because they play a major role in impacting the cost. Conservatory made of wood or mostly hardwood tends to be more expensive than the one made from PVCU. The best thing about using PVCU is that it is easier to maintain when you compare them to wooden conservatories.

The size of the conservatory

How a large extent you intend to use your conservatory depends on size. If you just need a conservatory for a resting or relaxing space, then you don’t need a very big space. On the other hand, the size will increase naturally if you intend to use the conservatory as a dining area, living room, or kids playground.

Also, you need to determine how much garden you are willing to sacrifice to add your house conservatory. Remember the conservatory is an extension of your house and it needs to blend and match with the house.

Type of Glazing

Due to changes in seasons, Conservatories tend to be cold during winters and hot in summers and this will help you in considering the best type of conservatory that you need. Normal glass can cause an increase in temperatures, especially during summer. This means you need to use performance glass which will control the heat. Also, you should consider cleaning and maintaining the glass.

Legal Permission

You need to research if the law already gives automatic permission to add a conservatory to your house. Most conservatories are already permitted as long as you meet certain rules and regulations.

A conservatory makes your house more attractive and gives you an opportunity to have plantations indoors. It adds a flavor to your decor. It gives a more relaxing and comfortable environment where you can enjoy indoor nature peacefully.

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