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The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Living Room

Your living room is probably one of the most important rooms in your home, as it’s where you entertain guests and spend some of your most relaxing time with your family. Choosing the right type of lighting can help define the mood and tone of this space, so finding the best lighting for your living room can have an enormous impact on how you feel while you’re in there. Following are some ideas one can implement.

Flush Mounts

Best for enhancing architectural detail, flush mounts provide a lighting solution that can both illuminate and highlight architectural features. They are specifically designed to fit under and above cabinets in a kitchen or an entertainment center in a living room. When choosing which color light bulbs to use with your flush mount, remember that white LEDs emit all of the wavelengths of visible light and work well as accent lights. Incandescent or halogen bulbs can be used for task lighting such as reading.

Floor Lamps

Given how much time we spend in our living rooms, it’s important that they’re furnished with not only a comfy sofa and cozy fireplace, but also carefully chosen lighting. Floor lamps can be great as an ambient source of light, or if you need a little more focused lighting.

Hanging pendant lights

Hanging pendant lights are great if you have high ceilings and want something dramatic.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are perfect if you want subtle task lighting or just don’t have space on your table.

Table Lamps

A table lamp is an excellent way to bring natural light into a room, provide ambient lighting and allow you to see what you’re doing. It can also be used as a nightlight. A two-arm lamp lets you adjust the placement of both light sources, which provides more flexibility than a one-arm lamp. Plus, it’s easier to reach lamps on side tables or dressers when they’re placed on the floor. If you have high ceilings or want more illumination overall, opt for a three-arm lamp with either LED or incandescent bulbs.

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