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Sliding glass doors

This is a type of sliding door in architecture and construction that has a large glass window opening in a structure that provides a door to access a room. Sliding glass doors consist of two sections, one which is fixed and the other one which can mobile to enable the door to slide open.

Best types of glasses used for sliding glass door:

Double pane glass:  This type of glass consists of 2 glasses which are bonded together with gas compression. It is well known for its safety and durability.

Laminated glass: It is a type of glass that consists of more than one glasses bounded together with one layer in between them which prevents them from separation even when the glass is broken. Laminated glass is well known for its safety and also durability.

Frosted glass: Frosted glass is a type of glass that hides out the images but still allows light to pass through. The vivid doors frosted glass option is acid etched which has been achieved by using corrosive hydrofluoric acid. This type of glass is mostly used for visual privacy, shower, and partitions.

Tinted glass: Tinted glass is a type of glass that regulates the natural light entering the room. In its process making it contains a mixture of selective metal oxides. This type of glass is mostly protected against harmful UV rays.

Clear glass: This is a type of glass that provides a transparent view of both outside as well as inside. It mainly depends on the privacy factor and the layout of the property.

Reflective glass: This type of glass has a unique coat of layer in its surface which reflects heat for the sun and also allows natural light to enter the house. Its unique coat does not allow the view from outside but can allow the view from inside the house.

Different types of glass doors

Aluminum sliding glass doors: This is one of the sliding glass doors known due to its affordability, lightweight and durability. It allows natural light to enter the room and create a bright home.

Vinyl sliding glass doors:  They work great in small apartments and homes, where your furniture is close to the door whereas swing doors need the area clear for the door to open to the side or exterior. 

Benefits of sliding glass doors:

It is easy to access: Sliding glass doors are convenient during the summer season especially when you move outside anytime. It requires no effort to open it.

It saves the space: It requires no extra space since it does not swing in and out when opening.

It ensure safety: Sliding glass doors have a tight seal for better protection from any incident. Current glass doors have a strong security technique been applied to them.

It has energy efficiency: Sliding glass door ensures your home is always warm during winter and cold during summer.

It ensures natural light: Sliding glass door has a wide glass which ensures that all the time your house receives natural light.

Environment friendly: Sliding glass doors ensure that temperature is always stable in your house. 

Durability: Sliding glass doors does not peal or get rust.

I have a better view: Unlike other sliding doors, sliding glass doors have a nice view of the surrounding.

Disadvantages of sliding glass doors:

Insulation of sliding glass doors has a very difficult process.

Sliding glass doors can be easily broken or cracked if they are not handled with care.

They require some extra curtains to maintain privacy.

Sliding glass doors require regular maintenance since it can easily jam due to the presence of dirt and rust.

It is costly in maintenance.

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