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Why your veranda is more important than you thought

Often, we overlook our verandas and assume that they are just another area of our house that we can ignore and go on to take care of more important places in our homes. What most homeowners do not know is that the veranda is an equally important region of your home, if not even more important. Today, I want to give you 5 reasons why your veranda is very vital to your home, and you will probably never look at that space the same way, ever again.

1. It is your point of first impression

Let us not lie to ourselves, the first place we ever notice when going to a home the very first time is the veranda. Not because we are all interested in verandas and love them, but because that is the first point we bump into when entering a home. When you want to make an impression of just how exquisite or cozy your home is, invest on the veranda. Imagine this, you are visiting a friend in a new home and the veranda is in a pathetic state. Stinking, with rats all over and has debris all over the place. Then you get in and get a nicely furnished house, sparkling clean, and well maintained. Which of the two will you remember?

1. It is your outside chillout zone

The veranda is your home, outside your house. It is where you go to chill out when your home is not interesting and exciting enough. Your veranda is the expandable space you can use when your house is not enough to host more visitors when you have an event. I mean, this is where you host your barbeques and birthdays. It is also the place you go to, even at night, to just get a breath of fresh air and relax away your worries. That being said, this shows just how relevant your veranda is! Since it plays such a core aspect in your life as being that go-to place, you have to take care of it.

  1. It could be the entry point for anything external

If anything external is going to get into your home, it will have to go through your veranda. Be it an intruder, or even a microorganism, it will have to come through your veranda. It is the point of entry as it is the extrenal part of your home. That is why the veranda must be cleaned, maintained and made anintegral part of the home. If anything, the veranda should be cleaned and maintained more than the interior of the house for it is more exposed to dirt, microorganism and even impostors.

  1. It could be your immediate and direct connection to nature

We all have that innate desire to connect with nature. We love trees, plants and animals, albeit in different intensities. Your veranda is your chance to properly connect with nature without having to leave your house. Here is where you can plant many different plants, trees and flowers and have them sprouting all over your verandah. This is your chance to change your home from just being an ordinary house with little or no connection to nature, to you having a veranda beaming with plant life. So, in as much as you might overlook your veranda, this is the place you can have maximum access to nature from your home

So, you might have for a long time overlooked the veranda, but I tell you without a shadow of a doubt, this area of your house, is just as vital as the rest of it. It requires slightly more attention because of just how much impact it has on the home.

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